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  1. Side bar: if I were you, I'd cut the trollish attitude or forget about getting unbanned.
  2. Weston

    vip giveaway

    Weston Lockheed 2 and 100
  3. Goodbye mate, you were a very nice guy and the nicest.
  4. Introduction I am Representative of the 2nd congressional district in Idle wood, Los Santos. Congressman Weston Lockeheed. I was born and raised in Idle wood on the 15th of June 1975 to two parent, Joyce and Devin. I grew up in a poor predominantly black neighborhood that was crime ridden, underfunded and neglected by the State and Federal Government. I went to school at Crenshaw South Idle wood High School, and graduated with my high school diploma. I then went to Howard University a historically black college and obtained my masters in business fina
  5. The best character development story I've seen in this server. GG ED.
  6. A reminder about our currently open lease please click below for more details
  7. Donaldet Trumper's day of reckoning comes closer.  I guess we'll find out on the 2nd of November if democracy is an actual thing Americans believe in.

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    2. Weston


      If only you understood deep-statism, I'd further this discussion with you dear Spex. 

    3. dellpacker


      2020 is the only election where americans can't vote but only the russians can

    4. Weston


      My feeling is, the Dems will pull up this election cycle. I honestly don't think there's nuf Republican supporters this time around. 

  8. Forgot to mention that we work on a first come first serve basis. So that means who ever applies first get's the lease.
  9. Our farm lease is open. You may apply clicking on this link and follow the instructions to apply Disord for queries: https://discord.gg/wPXkJn4 Link:
  10. Denied, you're a repeat offender. You clearly won't change at all. Try again on the 30 November 2020
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