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  1. Champion

    V2 Changelog

    Good changes
  2. Champion

    Drug transport

    monthly drug transport that no one cares about
  3. searched 5 pages for voters list but couldn't find it, maybe some visual bug
  4. Sneaking in my message before its deleted
  5. Very simple stuff, If your group is not strong enough > then don't act like it Shit sub par groups acting like they run the city and kidnapping strongest group's high ranks and expecting to go away with it with no consequences and not to mention, going to server managers to intervene when they get attacked back. If you can not take on the strongest enemies then don't do it, pick enemies of your own size first.
  6. Sell it already for 40m, Ain't no way in hell that someone will pay that much for something that gets taxed 600k per month in property tax and the 16m it increases in your net worth which then gets wealth taxed.
  7. Still waiting on my "The Spotlight" award ....
  8. Hi guys my in game name George_Hogan and i like rping
  9. dejew walker owned zip at commerce
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