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[POLITICS] Vice Governor Brendan Finney saves the family dog 'Dexter'

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Vice Governor Brendan Finney saves the family dog 'Dexter'


Vice Governor Brendan Finney has decided to join the Los Santos Fire Department's emergency response team to experience the bravery and dedication of the men and women that have given themselves for public service. Vice Governor Finney spoke with several firefighters to map out the current issues of the department and to discuss the potential solutions of these issues.   


Vice Governor Finney has, as he stated: “Deepest respect and admiration for those who protect the city for numerous of different call outs each day”. Vice Governor Finney had an enjoyable and above all an informative day at the department. He has experienced the toughness of the job with a minimum paycheck, in relation to the risk of the duties.


After this incredible experience, Vice Governor Finney even more appreciate that the Fire Department should earn more recognition of the citizens as well as other government organisations. Often the responding firefighters respond to a situation and receive no enforcements nor assistance of the police department or EMS. Vice Governor Finney believes that his problem can be solved by better cooperation between the organisations and will be looking forward to adding this to one of his priorities.


Vice Governor Finney also advocates for a national day to honor the fallen men and women while performing their duties as a firefighter, as well as for the fallen police officers.





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Username: JayB
Comment: Thank you Mr. Finney for saving my loyal dog. That dog is more loyal and will remain my best friend no matter what, although my human friend that my dog was named after turned out to be a snitch and unloyal.

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Username: Amy

Comment: Glad we will keep hearing Dextar's bark.

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Username: Zac 

Comment: Doggggg this is madness. Wooof wooof

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