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  1. OG has potential but the rushed release to get it out and setting it in Vice City is a killer. I get they likely wanted a new setting but my God VC is fucking boring as a world to RP in. Should have stuck with SA and limited the main city to LS. I don't care for SF or LV that much and lets be honest LS has everything you need. I was going to start a faction but every time the server had less and less players. So no point in starting something that would likely get no traction. Maybe the community isn't ready for a server that's actually roleplay focused, after all.
  2. You can connect to the OG server via the SAMP client. Thread about it posted already, UGMP launcher is ass.
  3. farming was literally how a lot of people became rich, at least the people I played with I made shy of ten million when farms were relatively new then stopped because shit was so fucking dumb that I could make millions by selling grapes
  4. Rule enforcement should definitely be more stricter than it is. Theres a lot of people I've ran into that still treat the server as if it's the SA:MP one. Don't even get me started on some of the shit tier roleplay I've had to endure. Which staff should be keeping on top of as well.
  5. After reading your post, I've come to the conclusion that the only one that's retarded is you. How the fuck do you misspell "speak", oh yeah by living in a third world country that has zero education and is about as clean as the shit you wash yourself in. Hope your whole family contracts COVID-19 and you all die.
  6. It's just a SA:MP clone guys don't get too excited. lmfao
  7. Muslims are Terrorists. Keep thinking you dogshit sandal wearing IED planting shit bags are anything more, ya'll fucking ruined this garbage ass server by immigrating here in the masses. Literal scum of the Earth.
  8. 10x harder without blips? lol what
  9. "practically 50/50" You polled it for a reason, there is no practically it's either it was or wasn't. In this case the majority wanted them gone. Honour the poll.
  10. People using nametag cheats was inevitable. Just shows how petty some people are that they need to use a cheat just to show nametags lol.
  11. lol "propaganda" You got called out for how bad you are at managing factions/businesses and now trying to back track and make up excuses. Complete nonce. Your signature is cute, too bad your too much of a bum to even do anything.
  12. That's because it is shady, there is no way these dump list using scumbags paid $9.99 per account. I bet he can't even produce receipts for every account.
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