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  1. 2m for each, pm me on discord I got something better for you.
  2. Speaking from experience, people like Andrew should not even be considered for helper let alone a position in administration team. They make administration team look really bad.
  3. I'm interested in buying your patriot
  4. HHAHA Do this and make me chief of police, I will give freedom to my hydra pilots to shoot at will.
  5. Saaruman

    Mudoo Players

    I think jamal is just dumb.
  6. Very good now I can plant weed fields in peace.
  7. Keep the ching chong pinoy banned,  he is retarded and should not be welcomed at any cost. 

    @James @Marcus.

  8. Biggest content creators in mudoo are billy and Anthony, constantly uploading stuff and getting a good amount of views. @Billy @AnthonyE
  9. We should start by removing these cancerous players that cry and troll 24/7 acting like they care for the server.
  10. Mika: Babe, come over. Kacper: I can't, I'm in Alabama. Mika: our parents aren't home.
  11. Prophet mini me show us the way you are the last hope of quality roleplay in mudoo RPG. Please show us how to do quality roleplay. "Prophet mini me showing his extremely high skilled roleplay."
  12. This and if you people decide to switch the server to heavy roleplay it will come at a cost and that is low playerbase. In my opinion the main problem are some selective retarded players who cry every time a situation goes south for them, such players should be identified and their existence should be wiped from the community.
  13. All you've been doing since day one is crying, now speaking about the turfs, people were balantly death matching even before the turfs existed. Turfs were added just to limit it by moving it to a particular area and those who were interested participating in it without affecting the others. Talking about roleplay, features like these and others like weed field script heroin and what not makes the server unique, it is no surprise that there exist better roleplay servers out there but people join this one just for these unique features that you won't get in any. Retards like you have been trolling since day one and acting like you care about the server, fuck off you pinoy shithead, go find a way to open your eyes first.
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