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  1. Go back to sleep

  2. Marcus.

    Selling sultan

    We used to buy it for 2m before wtf
  3. Marcus.

    Mudoo Players

    Sadly some of them doesnt know how to use common sense is the point.
  4. Marcus.

    Mudoo Players

    Pedro I agree with you that sometimes the admins like to make their own rules and enforce them.
  5. Marcus.

    Mudoo Players

    Let me correct you then smartass First of all this is a virtual game not a real life which there are rules which should be abided by anyone. Secondly this was a poor roleplay and the punishment was justified and anyone should take an example from the video stated and avoid doing such actions. Thirdly its "cop" not cup you dog. Now return to your cryfest threads cuz whatever you say makes 0 sense.
  6. Marcus.

    Mudoo Players

    I beg you dont reply to this topic anymore or Ill vomit myself. Go back to SWAT topic you created to continue your cryfest thank you.
  7. After discussing this with the management team, we have decided to give you another chance. We expect you to behave in the server and do not act as you used to do before your banishment. Unbanned.
  8. How we can be sure that you are not "Steven Gilbert"? You have shared your account with someone else which is still againts the server rules.
  9. The reason why you are still banned is because you have ban evaded. Chip clearly says "In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request." Lets get to the real point. Why did you ban evade in the first place, even tho you knew that it would lead your appeal into denial? Why should we give you another chance? What would change if you get unbanned?
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