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  1. Panel Profile Link: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/Bruce_McCane What vehicle from above you want: Journey ISSUED
  2. I don't really see a reason to change the name of a community.
  3. For the first time ever seen in this forum I do agree with what you said. The roleplay factor has been moving further and further from the SAMP server.
  4. Dizzy thinks he is some badass aimer which only him can be good at aiming a gun at a 10+ years old game and everyone who can have a good aim is aimbotting. xDDD. Manager rank changes people and affects their brain badly.
  5. Man, look. Power on a community makes you delusional. You can't do shit about it. You're banned, you will not be unbanned until you either give them access with teamviewer (Which is retarded as that is breach of privacy) or you suck their dick and apologize.
  6. UUUU his lawyer is here. Why so mad bro? He got banned in a game, move on and fuck that shit lol. And yes, they ask for a teamviewer check because they cannot have a properly working anti cheat It's stupid to ask someone for a teamviewer check. But hey, Dizzy is being dizzy. What do you expect
  7. Yeah, I got them stored on FBI lockers.
  8. Someone is upset because he was caught aimboting for the fifth time and now he just continues his crying in forum.
  9. Then why would you accept to be revived and then accept death. He was not even roleplaying. He was just flooding /b HACKER HACKER and was not even bothering to roleplay.
  10. It will not. So many have been punished in game and in forum by taking very strict punishments and at the end of the day people go crying at Mikro or at Matthew and the punishments gets withdrawn. Ask Silvester Aaron he has done that shit a lot of times when he got punished in game and in forum. SWAT approaches a group by depending on the way that group approached the police. And obviously if SWAT is even deployed that group has nothing to complain about anymore. They will not. Players in this community are taught to play-to-win. I was a cop, had someone cuffed and was treating him so I could rescue him with all the necessary roleplay and he just accepted death like there's no tomorrow. I reported and some new admin told me it's allowed. I really doubt cops do go around provoking suspects. If people could actually roleplay a TRAFFIC STOP without turning it into a DM fest then you can start complaining about cops who "provoke" suspects. All cops do is go after suspects, there is no camping or what so ever. They really should. All they do is just make a massive group of people involving gangsters, "mafias", Terrorists and just go at BCR bunker and create a massive shootout. And then the looser cries because like I said above Play-to-win. You can't take a situation ICly or OOCly in Mudoo when some random guy just comes near you and instead of asking for your name "HAHA NICE NAME BRO WANT BE FRIENDZ??". Also, court does not exist if the members of the court are at the same time the law breaching FBI agents. To complete my reply to you. Mudoo needs to be redone if they want to move towards Roleplay environment. The current SAMP server is Cops n' Robbers server with some extra small roleplay features.
  11. Bruce


    What RP? xDDD
  12. Bruce


    Definitely this if you are planning to move the server towards a more roleplay atmosphere because at the moment all I see is Cops chasing suspects, suspects chasing cops.
  13. Woow he did that? Thats low af. He should have been punished for ruining the event.
  14. The players are the main core of the server and they are to be blamed for thr current status of the server, which as you claim to be is DM. If the players and their mentality wont change, the server will remain the same.
  15. Give it two weeks since the time this thing goes live on the server and youll see a topic which will say how FPS drops near the tower, am have potato pc, my cpu got on fire when I went near tower pls refund.
  16. This is your very last chance. Do not waste it. Unbaned.
  17. Okay so. I have spoken with the rest of the staff team regarding the current status of your account. We have gotten into a conclusion to give you your very last chance to behave and respect other players. I need you to promise me that you will start behaving and creating a better atmosphere for the people that are around you instead of going trolling and dming for no reasons. I will come back here once you have promised me what I stated above.
  18. Okay so. I spoke with other staff members and this is the outcome: - Everytime you ban evade, you will have 1 month added to your review date. - Everytime you tag, message or contact any other staff member you will have 1 month added to your review date. Your review date is 25th of December, 2021. You and your actions achieved this outcome so do not be sad about it. You are lucky you have a chance to even he a review date.
  19. I will discuss it with Kacper and I will come back at you once I have spoken with him. Until then, please be patient.
  20. How many chances do you need? Why should we even consider unbaning you? You have said "it wont happen again" everytime you were here and it still happened.
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