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  1. Finally! made it!

  2. Okay so i will explain everything here one by one; I am going to create more jobs for the citizens so that everyone can earn from it as well as it may give profit to the government; > Homeless Shelter Staff > Community Outreach workers > Social Services Assistance Now what are my plans to improve the current economy? > Answer: Millionaires over 15m net worth will have to provide loans to the poors so that they can start their own business making it easier for them (poors) to access loans. Other than that we will see where tax can be reduced without any lose (or very low) for the government. 3rd question is Healthcare, what are my plans on it. > I am going to invest in healthcare institutions to provide more jobs for the citizens as well as to make them affordable for the poors, Means that Gov will provide free of cost healthcare and essential medicenes to those who can't afford them, ensuring that every single person has access to comprehensive healthcare services without financial burden. Moving on to the 4th question, Affordable housing: > Answer: Currently you will find apartments with 5k and for those you will have to pay 500$ daily just to enter/exit from the main gate of the apartment, anyways my plans are to provide more cheaper and affordable housing facility. First of all those who are completely unable to have a house we will make a shelter project for them so that they all can live together in peace without paying a penny, and we will further provide them with jobs if there's anyone from the family fit to earn for his family otherwise GOV takes the responsibility to take care of those homeless peoples living in the shelters. I am happy to answer any other questions you have, but make sure your vote goes to the right one.
  3. Vote for Jonathan Davidson, the hardworking candidate with big ideas to change and improve the lives of citizens. He's dedicated to making a difference and ensuring a brighter future for all. The following points are some changes and improvements that you can expect from me as a Governor; (I might've missed few points) Increase salaries for government employees Improve the economy and create more jobs Build better roads, bridges, and buildings Ensure healthcare is available and affordable Protect the environment and save natural resources Help people in need with social programs Make communities safer and reduce crime Involve people in decision-making and listen to their ideas Support local businesses and help them grow Bring new investments and businesses to the area Make government processes easier and less complicated Improve transportation systems and make it easier to get around Treat everyone fairly and equally Provide affordable housing options for people in need
  4. Your vote matters! Elect Jonathan Davidson for positive change. Together, we can build a brighter future. Vote smart, vote Jonathan Davidson.

    1. cavosavosk
    2. BaIochLover


      no radolf family taking the fucking victory

  5. Congratulations to the winners
  6. Zixa

    Community Birthday

    Damn Valrise turned 6 years old? older than most of the players playing in it, Happi happi happi birthday valrise
  7. Zixa

    V2 Changelog

    bro pls let me use launcher only i am tired of using cac pls
  8. Zixa

    Valrise launcher leak

    wtf fr? we get ban if we use? how to use? how can we download? how can we install? how can we play?
  9. They've already made a list of dis-allowed mods, if still someone uses such mods then it means that they're using it for their own advantage knowing that these mods aren't allowed
  10. is it possible in any way to log in directly with your 2nd character instead of main one through launcher?
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