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  1. Need the Club to be relocated from HERE: To Here:
  2. Need the Club to be relocated from HERE: To Here:
  3. Brain Conway is left i think he wants to relocate his property aswell.
  4. Contact me on Discord. to take the office. Buzz.#0805
  5. will be sold to u if no one offered more till tomorrow
  6. Sellin an office in market. GPS 3094 Value 1.5m Warehouse Interior. Bid starting from: 100k Current bid 150k Buynow: 500k
  7. Not only me but most of my gang members wants to relocate their houses next to the HQ which is located at Crenshaw (/gps 3100) Brian Conway,Lex Brogga and some more members wanted to to relcoate their houses actually they dont know how to post a forum req like this therefor i ma posting it for them. (its my house) From here: To the house behind:
  8. Happy Birthday! Mr. Eduard

  9. Happy Birthday , Enjoy your day!

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