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  1. Already told you that you are not getting a chance, moreover messaging multiple staff members about your appeal just underlines why you shoud not be allowed back DENIED
  2. Had a talk with management and considering your appeal we will give you a chance. But not immediately. Feel free to reapply on 8th of February and we will see what we can do
  3. Doesn't matter if manager skipped right to a ban, if he deems its a right punishment for you then it will stay like that. Reapply on 2nd of February with better appeal and I will consider unbanning you.
  4. Had a word with management, since it is your 4th ban we wont grant you a chance to play here. Your actions proved that you do not want to abide rules around here
  5. Well, I will give you benefit of doubt and unban you here. You will be forced on CAC and 50 percent of your wealth will be seized as consequence Find out more about CAC here:https://valrisegaming.com/cac UNBANNED
  6. Our detectives have determined that you are not going to be unbanned, do not bother applying again
  7. So which accounts have you used to play on our server?
  8. You manipulated with weapons in a way that you were not supposed to do. Any comment on that? Re-read your old appeal and my reply there and comment on what I said there in order to get a chance for unban.
  9. As per reply on your last appeal we wont allow you back in the server, you have been cheating/banevading in past years around here a lot. Don't bother reapplying DENIED
  10. You will be unbanned, but remember, if you go on another DM spree you wot be unbanned that easily UNBANNED
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