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  1. This will change next week... Marko Vanhanen has something prepared for you... also, whoever wants to mod his car, hit me up in forum DMs or at discord
  2. he did, we talked in group owners chat about this, apparently it is allowed and he got a pass o.o
  3. Not really, profits wouldnt cover atleast taxes and things. Thanks for offer anyways I am out of this
  4. Save up a bit more and I can pass on this nice house for around 450k total
  5. Selling this bottiful huus at El Korona. (property NR 1545 for those who want to see it ingame) Very good furnishing, very unique. I was holding it for some time now, and I don't find any good use for it, so I am passing it on to someone. Interior is "House 11". It is right next to the LS Airport and you can get easily from it to GS9/Idlewood or if you go other way to Pershing square. Value is around 160k Buyout: offer I wont sell the property under what I think it is worth. This aint an auction, this is advert.
  6. We are hiring Taxi Drivers now! Interested? Apply down below! Conditions: Good orientation Ability to work in a group of people Fluent english You need to be trustworthy and honest Benefits: Company vehicles provided for job duties Interesting bonus after working actively for group (starting from 6k for every documented fare) Career growth After applying down below, we will look into your application and contact you via mail or phone to schedule an interview. If you have any questions about this job opportunity, feel free to message us ((Forum PM or direct message at Discord)) and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. Example application: Name: John Doe Phone: 12345 E-mail(Discord): JohnDoe#1111 Any special info you would like to mention: ...
  7. Vehicel kustomization event today!!!
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