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  1. Selling the very famous house, NR 2149, formely owned by funniest player of Mudoo, Hilly Flores. Dont believe me? Check out IC Character story of his. V:300k BO:offer
  2. You know what you did and why you got banned on forums, generally this reason applies to ingame ban aswell. Try to refresh your memory on what you did. There is no place in here for you, with what you did, how you behaved and generally how you presented yourself. Try again next year.
  3. It is a hack, gives you unfair advantage over others. Because its not specifically mentioned that its disallowed doesnt mean that it aint illegal. You used it to give u advantage, therefore no.
  4. You will be forced on CAC with 50% of your wealth seized as per Ban consequences. Find out more about CAC here: https://valrisegaming.com/cac UNBANNED
  5. Hacking on CAC disqualifies from getting unban. You cannot be trusted, only maybe once launcher comes. DENIED
  6. Your ban reason is kinda severe and I will remind you the time which Zac said on last appeal. January 2023. Try to appeal at that time. DENIED
  7. No mate, you wasted your chances already, and not once... DENIED
  8. We will unban you, i hope you don't waste your chance now. You are forced on CAC now and 50 percent from you wealth has been seized. To find out more about CAC visit https://valrisegaming.com/cac UNBANNED
  9. This is your second ban, in such short span of time. Moreover you hacked on CAC, so you basically wasted your chance. DENIED
  10. As per Ban consequences reapply after 1 month, on 30th of October. DENIED
  11. continue with this retardism and i will restrict you from posting for a week
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