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  1. You are not banned. Try to restart your router.
  2. Unbanned. Your main account was unbanned on the mass unban we had this year. You will use this account and no other.
  3. The comments on your previous appeal were disappointing. Dizzy offered you numerous of options yet you kept coming up with an excuse to back off from a team view check on your PC. You went behind everyone's back trying to be removed off CAC, and it is not how it works, once you're on it, you're on it. Period. 22-07-2021 20:34:59 - [Andre_Accardo (3)(6034) -> Matthew_Carter (27)(2)] Matthew I have a request,can you please remove me from cac it give me lag and low fps 22-07-2021 20:35:05 - [Matthew_Carter (27)(2) -> Andre_Accardo (3)(6034)] no speak to dizzy 21-07-2021 15:48:54 - [Andre_Accardo (19)(6034) -> Benson_Jefferson (72)(17958)] Tell to matthew.. Hi matthew, can u please remove me from cac it gives me lag and low fps 21-07-2021 15:49:32 - [Andre_Accardo (19)(6034) -> Benson_Jefferson (72)(17958)] I played for 2 years in cac. 21-07-2021 15:49:54 - [Andre_Accardo (19)(6034) -> Benson_Jefferson (72)(17958)] And never used a hack.... As previously said; you were given multiple choices by Dizzy, which stated: Excuse 1 = No space in PC - I told him to delete some stuff as TV is not that huge. Excuse 2 = He can't delete cause its brothers PC - I offered a check via discord screenshare, he completly ignored it. Excuse 3 = Not enough RAM - ??? Excuse 4 = He claims I hate him and that's why I asked for teamviewer - ??? Excuse 5 = Family is calling him - I told him to stay ingame and that I'll wait but he should not log out. He completly ignored it and said see you on forum and logged out. You're not welcome back. Denied.
  4. You aren't banned. Try resetting your router or try logging in with a VPN.
  5. It seems like you're just here to play and continue your DM spree on the server with killing/robbing people for no reason and throwing yourselves into shootouts, no, you are denied.
  6. Perhaps fix your attitude before appealing again.
  7. We have evidence, I have witnesses including a manager that specialises with the shit you used. Denied.
  8. You just got unbanned and here we are again. You may appeal again on the 15th of August.
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