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Just now, Silvester_Aaron said:

probably some new jobs such as bus driver which i suggested not a while back, and you could remove free streetcars and give more attention to taxies, taxi and transport companies could rise, profit well, less criminalistics = better mudoo

That is only your opinion and preference, look at previous polls on smuggle and turfs, we always had a split of ~50% 50% where half were against it and half in favor. We are stuck inbetween two groups of players with different preferences. Ones preferring more RP and stricter rules with less DM features, and others just the opposite. We cannot please one group as the other would no longer be satisfied. Therefore we must walk inbetween and work for each. 

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Some sort of car giveaway as a part of starter pack for the new member who joins the server and spends around an hour or two (also, after receiving a driving license). I welcome critics.


EDIT: A paintball match arena where people can DM using weapons allocated by the server.

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