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[SA:MP] Valrise Roleplay Mudoo RPG - Release Date [RELEASED]


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Hello dear players.


After the previous great announcement we made in October, we come back a few months later with a tremendous announcement. We will be releasing the server on Saturday, 23rd of December, 2017.


Is this a Beta release or a full release? This is a full release, however, there might be bugs discovered during gameplay, as it is expected since only a handful of people tested the server and developed it. The real test will be when all of you come in and use the features for the first time, as that is when the most of bugs will be found, the more people, the more ways of features being used.


I didn't play during Alpha, what can I expect? You can expect a server with a wide array of features, some of which I'll briefly list and describe.



> Police Officer

> Firefighter

> Paramedic

> Taxi Driver

> Street Cleaner

> Lumberjack

> Pizza Delivery

> Thief

> Trucker

> Mechanic


Dead Bodies

After a player is murdered, their body will remain on the ground. The body can be put into a body bag and carried to another location where it can be hidden better. The body can also be un-bagged and still inspected by Police. Therefore, you better conceal your murders better!



Grand Theft Auto, that's what it's all about, view the list of wanted vehicles at a thief garage, find such a vehicle, break into it, deliver it and stack the reward in your pocket.


ATM Robbery

Imagine you could blow up an ATM with a C4. Nah, don't imagine, it can happen in our server. Obtain a C4 charge, plant it at an ATM and blow it to pieces. You can collect the money next to it. Easy.



Let's skip the imagine part again and go straight to the point, groups are dynamic and fully managable by the owner and the chosen ones, permissions can be assigned per rank, ranks can be created, named, and leveled, and you can have group owned vehicles!



Our staff members are great, they are friendly, you can add them on Facebook and they'll accompany you for lifetime. Just joking, but not really. Our Staff members will be tremendously happy to help you and show you around. Priority is put on being interactive with our players and providing them a comfortable environment where the Staff truly is there to provide you with support and enforce justice the right way.



If they could be compared with something, it'd be German engineering. They worked hard since late June on creating this server, and they've done their hardest and best to create quality features and brainstormed through night and day on how to improve them and make them more attractive for you. However, the job doesn't end now. The features will definitely become subject of improvement after player feedback, which we will appreciate at all times. We do not wish for you to hold back on what you dislike in the server, we want to hear it and improve it!



They'll be here and with you whenever there is a conflict or a complaint that you have. They will ensure that the server environment is peaceful and enjoyable to all players, and that the Staff is providing the right experience that we pursue. We have a goal and a vision, which is to provide you with a community, not only a server, in which you do not feel as if you're in a cage, bounded by censorship, a load of rules, and repressive Staff. We want to be as free and opened as possible, to truly be a gaming community, and not a carbon copy of the Kim Jong Un regime. Woah, politics in a gaming community, how shit is that. I pull the first amendment against you.


In conclusion, we did work hard for past months in establishing this community from ground up, and we did it with a simple goal and vision, which I explained above under Managers paragraph. We are a gaming community, and players will come here, perhaps not to play the server, but only to chill with the members of the community. And that is fine. And in a gaming community, we do not see it fit to be repressive, boarded by walls of rules, and by Staff that will act repressively against you for smallest of things. So, visit us on December 23rd, join our community, and chill with us with a can of Mountain Dew and do some roleplay, because at least you can become a doctor in the game if not in real life.


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