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[XMAS] 05/12: Pepe's Car Show

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It is Christmas season, and that also means there's a handful events planned for this month! This is the first one of them - A car show hosted by Pepe Santos, a traditional auto specialist and enthusiast in San Andreas.



Pepe's Car Show is an hybrid of server and roleplay event in where players can show off their tuned, modified vehicles, and be judged by Pepe Santos & his helpers.



DATE: December 5th [saturday]

TIME: 17:00 [real /time]

LOCATION: Los Santos International Airport



The vehicle judged as the best-looking one, with the best tricks and the most original story behind it will win the event.



FIRST PLACE: 40 donor points [equals a 6-month donator package]

SECOND PLACE: $1.000.000

THIRD PLACE: $500.000



All vehicle models will be allowed. It has to be a motor vehicle [no bikes, motorbikes, planes, boats, Vortex or anything other than a car].


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4 hours ago, Duke_Daniel said:

We need more attachments and limit is needs to be extended 

I tried to push this into suggestions but its not possible though. Too many players with card and attachments.


U can still do some nice stuff with what is now. Yes it could be better but :/


Improvise adapt overcome xD

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