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Character story, hope you'll like it.


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" If you use your head, you won't get fat even if you eat sweets "

1 - Before reading the story :

Dear Readers,

                Before reading this story, you have to know that you have to respect my story and to not insult, we're here to have fun and make relations with other players. I would love to take your suggestions, that would help on my roleplay. And por favor, don't take this story ic'ly because we don't know each other in the server, this story if for you guys to read and know more about my character.

This story is completly written by me, it's an imaginary story that I would love to have in this amazing server..

                                                                                           Thanks for understanding,

                                                                                                               Light Jupiter.


2 - Story Character :

1.  The childhood of the prodigy "Light" : 

                Everything began in 1995, when an English immigrant couple named "Micheal Jupiter" and "Jennifer Venus", who flew to The United States, gave birth to a young boy named "Light Jupiter". While everyone is completly feeling strange about the name, Micheal, the father told them : " Jupiter means the god of gods "Zeus" by the greek mythology, and Light as the light of the shining moon in the darkness of the sky at night. My son will be the ruler, the faith and the justice man of this cruel world".

                Micheal, the father, is a psychiatrist, professor at Harvard and the mother is one of the best doctors and physicians. The parents are so intelligent and for them, having a stupid kid is out of a question. What they want is a genius, to develop their child's full potential to be the smartest in the whole world, in the whole history of the universe. How they did that ? The mother, Jennifer put her medical career on hold just to focus on her son's education, and the father took the opportunity to apply his own principles of teaching and pedagogy to teach his kid. For example, Light Jupiter never went to school because his parents found the school system inadequate and ultimately quite mind-numbing. These methods have borne fruit since Light Jupiter has become very, very particular. Imagine, after just a few months of being born, he was already speaking his first words and he was discovering things without any help. By the age of one and a half, he already knew how to write and read and not just any reading, he was reading the New York Times newspaper. At two, he switched to literary classics and learned Latin. At 8, he was fluent in English, French, Russian, Greek, Latin, Turkish and Armenian. A year later he created his own language called "vendergood", which is a language that specialists have described as complete and fascinating, I recall that he is only 9 years old and he did all that. And it was at that age that he passed his exams to enter Harvard. At 12, he gave his first lecture on the bodies of the fourth dimension in front of a bunch of very intelligent scientists, who had come to admire the young prodigy.


2. Media exposure :

                Well, as you can imagine, Light Jupiter didn't really have a childhood. You know, that age in life when you're innocent, you discover your environment through experimentation or through play. His father, for example, considered that fun is unworthy of his son. You might as well say that when it comes to "social life", it was a bit difficult for the kid to make friends, knowing that he was already at Harvard and that everyone else is 20 years old or over. Especially since his advance, he was very bored with others, like it was a little bit to take back his teachers when he made a mistake and look for flaws in Einstein's formulas in the lessons. , let's say that it didn't really help him to be less isolated. In fact it was very simple, in this plan of Micheal and Jennifer Jupiter to fashion a truly brilliant child, one parameter was largely forgotten, that of the emotions of Light Jupiter. Throughout his childhood, his father published reports on his son's progress, almost as if his offspring were outright a subject of study or a psychological experiment, and he even tried hypnosis to increase his abilities tenfold. As for his mother, let's say that she was not necessarily known for her gentleness and for her maternal love, from what we know, she has never been really patient or very close to Light Jupiter and their relations were rather strained. Very quickly, newspapers and scientists were fascinated by this unusual child, and then began to track all his deeds and gestures. The press spread his life in articles, and Light became in spite of himself, a kind of public figure, he felt like a fairground animal. And when his IQ was assessed with the means at the time, it was estimated to be over than 300, the highest result ever. At the age of 16, Light is professor of mathematics at Harvard University of course, but it was not he who chose this profession no, it was these parents who forced him, again and again them, ready to do anything to make their son make history. And at the same time, he was studying law, and it was at this time when he was still so young that his life took an unexpected and tragic turn.


3. The beginning of the fall :

                Humans think that someone so brilliant had to have an easy life, get a great job, make remarkable discoveries, invent something crucial for humanity, cure cancer, AIDS… But in the case of Light, none of this happened, since he didn't complete any of his studies. Basically he had a kind of burnout when he was 17 and suddenly decided to quit his job and give it all up. Well, it must be said that when you are younger than your students, it is a bit complicated. It even appears that when he was 16, his parents still dressed him like a 12-year-old. Either way, the pressure was very intense for him to take it, and to tell you, some reporters went so far as to track him around campus. He also dropped his studies and at that moment, he will decide to destroy the image of genius that has been stuck to his skin, as if he wanted to flee himself and his own intelligence, it's called "self-destruction" and it can do a lot of damage. In 2016, he is now 21, and finds himself arrested by the police, in fact he was simply trying to recruit young people to be against the governement. Faced with the judges, he was arrogant, explained “not believing in God” and that the world's problems were linked to capitalism, he ended up entering prison for two years, he became a criminal. But these two years have taught Light a fundamental thing, what he desires most in all this madness around him, is loneliness. His words were : "I want to live a perfect life, the only way to get there is through isolation and loneliness, I have always hated multitudes. "


4. In search of a new life :

                On his release from prison, Light makes a very important decision, out of the question for him to be hunted down again by this scientific committee, all he wants is to leave him alone. And for that, he decides to change his name to "X" and become anonymous again, he cuts off all relationship with his parents, but they are determined to find him, after you understand that they have invested too much in this kid, he must not escape, just like the journalists who constantly stalk him. But he will do everything to be left alone. Indeed, this young boy who was thought to have a brilliant scientific future, will find himself chained to odd jobs, desperately seeking to be forgotten and forget what his brain is capable of. He then becomes a secretary, an accountant or even a calculator designer, and leaves his post as soon as he feels too entrusted with responsibility. Now he can no longer tolerate any pressure. The newspapers are not tender and never miss an opportunity to put on a layer, and then speak of the child prodigy who has lost everything, of the genius who has lost all his abilities. And it got so far that, Light ended up suing the "New Yorker" newspaper for defamation and invasion of privacy over an article that described his life in derogatory terms. And finally in all of this, maybe you will wonder how hot he is with women, he was so smart and should interest some of them. Well… not really, he only loved one woman "Lucy Moncada", a young American girl, and their relationship never resulted in anything concrete. Well, Lucy's photo and A piece of paper that has been written "Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail" was the only thing found in Light's belongings the day he was found dead in his tiny New York apartment at the age of 25. The cause of death was stabs in the heart. FBI and the NYPD couldn't find what the expression on the piece of the parler means.


5. A new life begins :

                Well as you know, Light Jupiter wasn't really the person found in the house. Yes, his plan of being anonymous ws totally a success. Actually, his plan was to fake his death, this with the help of hitmans and after dealing with the mafia to get weapons and new identity (if a group on the server wants to deal or make rp scenes with me, contact via pm or on discord, or find ic'ly, i would to play serious rp with groups and the players). The person who died in the house, was actually a journalist that tracks him every day and every night. Light goes to Nevada, and found something... a black notebook, the "Death Note".


6. The contract with the devil :


                Light Jupiter discovers a mysterious notebook on the ground at Nevada. Written on the cover are the words "Death Note". The Death Note's instructions state that if a human's name is written within it, that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the notebook's authenticity, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real. After putting much thought into whether or not he should continue using the notebook, he ascertains that no one else will be able to bear the burden of improving the world. Light then meets the previous owner of the Death Note, a devil called Hadès, Hadès Pluton. He explains his reasons for dropping the Death Note in the human world. Light then tells him of his goal of getting rid of all the people who stays on his way in the world, and ruling over it as God. Hades, the demon offers a contract that if Light wants to keep the Death note, he must give his own soul to the demon. Light accepts and keeps the Death Note, and Hades became his new best friend (Hades is not seen by humans). How the death note works ? When Light writes a name on his death note, The devil "Hades" enters into the body of Light, and then he will become a killer, who will try to do everything to find and kill the person which his name is written in the death note. Remember, Light can't kill someone if he doesn't know his name or his face.


7. Entering Los Santos :

                After accepting the deal with the devil, Light heads to Los Santos and find a new life there. Arriving at LS, Light was quite secretive, and only communicates with the world through his assistant( if someone wants to be the assistant, contact me via pm, or find me ic'ly). He never shows his face to the world in person, instead representing himself with a capital letter "X". Making deals with the mafia and crime organizations(remember,if a group on the server wants to deal or make rp scenes with me, contact via pm or on discord, or find ic'ly, i would to play serious rp with groups and the players), he became for the LSPD and the FBI, who tries to find how "X" is working and what's his tricks and why he does all this. All we know is that he is the owner and the boss of the crime organization "X - The anonymous organization"....

The rest of the story, i'll play on the server and will try to send you some of my rp scenes as fast as i can.





3. What do I know about roleplay and Mudoo rp server :


               It's not my first time playing in roleplay servers, as I was before in some heavy or medium servers. I know the rules of a roleplay server (metagaming, ooc and ic, deathmaching, killing on sight, powergaming.......). I'll respect and play a serious roleplay on this server.

               I was actually referred by one of my friends to this server (sorry i forgot your name mate, i can't give you any credit). I saw how the players are playing, i know how the server is working, how business, crimes (like thief, drugs, smuggle) works. I am glad that I played a bit on this server with my account's friend (I'll have my own character maybe now, or later). I know all the basics commands and the advanced commands. I would appreciate if other players would have fun with me and my roleplay, and maybe make some rp scenes with everyone.

- Thanks for the owners and management team for this beautiful server.

- Thanks for admins for helping the players and taking reports seriously with all respect.

- Thanks for helpers for taking their time and be nice and respectful to the newbies and also helping  the players by answering on /ask or /support.

Edited by Light
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