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  1. Your in-game name [BO]Abraham[RS] You real life age 18 Your country and timezone Pakistan (GMT +5) How do you describe yourself as a person I'm a person with kind personality. I'm patient, mature and have skills to lead. I like group tasks. Exploiting, cheating and abusive behaviour is what I dislike. I like friendly and peaceful environment. Playing games in my free time is what I like the most. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? My motives are to support the players, playerbase and the server for which I would like to take responsibility of a staff member. The time i'll be available I would help out any seeker. I would obey the orders of senior fulfilling them and contribute my time to the server. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Simply i'll deny his request (favor) there by making sure that he understand why did I do it and its consiquences. Additionally I could contact a higher staff member regarding it if I find it appropriate. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? After several warnings I'll consult my senior "Junior Admin(2)+" and approve a suitable punishment apart from a warning, most likely a kick. Only appropriate punishment(s) depending on his acts will be given. Any additional information you feel is relevant I have past experience as a Moderator in GW:II and GW:III. Screenshot of your in-game stats (Can't add the attachment for some reason so requesting a staff member to add it)
  2. A thing I would suggestion is that prioritize the use of pistol ((9mm)) instead of desert eagle ((colt 45.)) . In reality few shots of any desert eagle even a magnum can make your hands pain but no logic of it being used in San Andreas so normally. In which world do every single person possess a desert eagle like literally. It should be pistol available so if it comes to a shootout we can make it interesting.
  3. +1 fix administrative staff and players will get fixed themselves.
  4. To make people concentrate on roleplay (specially legal) than crimes grinding money I hope devs decrease the the profit of illegal occupations.
  5. We can not prove if someone has called backup/support through discord thus it's allowed. /gm is removed recently. /pm is not allowed to be used for calling backup.
  6. Current mindset of kidnappers > let suppose I'm kidnapped and they took me to Big Ear and all kidnappers are barricaded inside including me. One of their member saw cop approaching instead of keeping the hostage alive to use it as a source of blackmailing/threat instead this is what they do > /wt COPS /wt COPS /wt KILL THE GUY like seriously kidnapped a guy just to kill him later? And such kidnapping has been done by LET and Gambinos.
  7. And people have to wait for days for their minor report to be noticed and then concluded. Minor issues should be sloved in game but major issues in which alot of proofs required should be done on forums. What this will do is allow entire Roleplay community to see what is wrong to do and what is right to avoid same siuation to happen again.
  8. Ofc it does not mean it is just announced "Okay boys from today we arr heavy roleplay server". Slowly and gradually existing rules begjn to change in every update. Minor changes take place then major. That's how it works.
  9. This is not the first time I am saying that light roleplay is not always the excuse and is invalid reason to not roleplay. The name of the server is Mudoo Roleplay (R O L E P L A Y) which does not restrict you from performing heavy roleplay acts. Roleplay means roleplay does not matter it's heavy or light. Light is written to show that standard of roleplay here can be light and easy but does not mean you are restricted to perform specific roleplays.
  10. I think you were recently unbanned or are still banned. If you play the server regularly you will observe what's actually happening. People think that they can't do anything without money. I'm telling about myself. The paycheck of Police job is around 6k/hour and I'm not complaining because there are other legal ways to obtain more money. But criminals who make drugs 24/7 still complain that they can't get money because their mindset has been set to if you are not rich you are shit. Some legend said that "Money is supposed to be hard to obtain". Think about it deeply. Once you begin playing as a legal citizen you will get ideas about legal roleplays. Those who can't live without committing a crime for fun don't get legal roleplay ideas.
  11. Around 10, agreed. In the mean time players might perform legal jobs or some crimes such as robbing or minor crimes for wealth but no for fun but every new player joining a criminal group the second he has obtained a passport has fucked up the roleplay standard. Now pointing toward the group leaders, they are responsible for the reputation and training their member that how and what they should perform and what to avoid but current leaders are. "Welcome to the gang, now you can use these cars and deal drugs for money with is. Okay lets go rob some people" I'll take the example of gambinos. We all know most of them are rich and don't need to rob someone to get some cash but they rob anyone found alone. Their roleplay should be to spread their members into finding some wealthy player and make a plan to rob him in an undetectable way but what they do is /s HEY /s STOP /s STOP /s STOP OR DIE And we can't forget 24/7 driving around in black infernus and sultan showing off their power. And these lines are from my personal experience.
  12. I favour and prefer few heavy roleplay and stricter rules and more serious rule enforcers. Higher staff members seem to be trolling more on duty than performing their job properly. I reported few guys in game and kept asking the handler regarding report's conclusion and no answer was given to me. Even though handler was not AFK. Worst thing that was added in game was group Warehouses which allowed gangs and mafias to obtain a large cache of weaponry and to begin their shootout (winning mindset) streak. With the addition of turfs and smuggle this habbit boosted. I am not saying nerf this nerf that just add features in game which promote Roleplay rather than Death Matching. A huge mistake done by developers that they added that the more shootouts a group will do the more group points they will earn. How? They added turfs. When a group captures it causes mass shootout and results in a group point. Smuggle causes entire server to gather at OD and spawning points and fuck each other up. Both of these should be removed and instead add that each group has to send screens regarding any Roleplay they do which will be reviewed by Managers and they will decided that these screens are valid and will result in a group point. Actual reason for people to play on this server should be to freely perform realistic activities which they might be unable to perform in real life as a source of entertainment but people think that once you join the game you either choose police or a gang. What I observed that it is not that new player's fault but those gang member who have CnR mind and they begin PMing new players "Hey, wanna join mafia?". I suggested in the past that limit the amount of criminal groups that can be in game ataand a time and remove poor roleplay ones. It is also true that without criminal groups this server will seem empty and unenjoyable but at the place where we all are some groups have started to become actual pain in the ass. There should be a scripted rule that a player need atleast level 6-8 to be able to join a criminal group in the mean time he is able to understand how this server works and what roleplay standard he is supposed to put. I bet most players have never read this in core and values section. https://mudoogaming.com/aboutus
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