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  1. Would you want a trade ill offer you my furniture store
  2. I like the story very much how you like saving lifes in every job looking forward for more...
  3. I arrived in San Andreas in June 2022, eager to explore the city and meet new people. Initially, I was interested in becoming a police officer, like many newcomers. However, after a friend introduced me to the world of criminal activity, I joined the Grove gang.Unfortunately, the group was very toxic, and I soon left after just a few days. After leaving the Grove, I joined the 512th gang, which was a great learning experience for me. From there, I decided to join the notorious Gambino Family, which was known for their criminal activities. While still volunteering for the police department, I learned a lot from the Gambino Family and became a better criminal. Eventually, I and some of my friends decided to start our own criminal organization, but unfortunately, it didn't work out as we had hoped. Feeling disheartened, I took a break from San Andreas for a while. When I returned, I decided to shift my focus and try something new. I showed an interest in joining the San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD), and even though my activity level was initially low, it eventually increased. I was thrilled when I got hired as a trainee and eventually passed the academy to become a Firefighter I/EMT. I also continued volunteering for the police department. However, my interest in criminal activity never really went away, and I was drawn to a new cartel in the city, the CHC. I enjoyed being a part of this group, but eventually left to join a new mafia called the Yamaguchi-Gumi. I was only with them for two months, and now I'm staying on the straight and narrow as a legal person with my legal family, the Hiltons. Overall, my time in San Andreas has been filled with ups and downs, but I've learned a lot about myself and the city. While I've dabbled in both legal and illegal activities, I've realized that ultimately, living a lawful life is the right path for me.
  4. Very Creative Lopez!Underrated roleplay good luck on your future.
  5. Steffano_Camastro became San Andreas Fire Department Official Employee on the 6th January 2023 Photos below made by old SAFD instructor Mr,Larry
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