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  1. Who would pay money and give premium accounts away lol. gimme some netflix like this then
  2. The Days are over and we have a winner Which is : Gandalf White Please contact me Ingame to collect the vehicle , Thank you.
  3. Yes! it is true , my name is Nicholas Dalapego and im looking out for peoples that dont have an chance to buy a car because of their low payments. Here's your chance to win a free HUNTLEY and you can drive anywhere you want. Hope you be the next winner. This is what the vehicle you are going to win looks like , just in case you dont know. Its really good and also its all moded but you can still upgrade it in future. ((A winning number has been choosen between me and an Admin , if you are lucky enought , the car will be given to you and afterwards ill post the scree
  4. Your in game name: Nicholas Dalapego Possibility to attend: Mid
  5. Uruguay 2 - 2 France France goes. Brazil 2 - 2 Belgium - Belgium to go through Russia 1 - 2 Croatia Sweden 2 - 2 England England goes.
  6. Uruguay 0 x 2 Portugal France 2 x 2 Argentina - France will go to next phase Brazil 3 x 1 Mexico Belgium 2 x 2 Japan - Japan will go to next phase Spain 1 x 1 Russia - Spain will go to next phase Croatia 2 x 0 Denmark Sweden 1 x 3 Switzerland Colombia 0 x 1 England
  7. About the 400k that i gave to pacho and he gave me back - i was trying to buy his nrg but the command was bugged /transfervehicle so we tried a couple times untill we learned that it was bugged. About 3 M , i was buying his warehouse but i was not able to pay more than 500k for some time so thats it. During this time pacho had no idea about my money , he forced me to tell him they way i got the cash so yea thats it.
  8. What is your in-game name? Th3CrazzyRabbit Which staff member banned you? Ricardo_Pareja When did you get banned? 06/26/18 What is the ban reason? BugAbuse Personal comment Well , i dont really know if there's alot to say about this but ill tell the whole story about how i found it and why did i abuse it. Its been 5/4 years since i have started playing samp and i was too curious on how servers worked so i wanted to learn script so i did , launched my fir
  9. Yes , thats right i think groups should have atleast something that would make them special , make warehouses only for groups and no owners , every group member should have acess in it ( to craft / load etc ) , also the leader of group should have more acess to warehouse. Also you can make depending on player's rank , higher rank higher permission to warehouse if the leader wants ofc.
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