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  1. I'll just say that you're also responsible for your actions. If someone told you to jump off the cliff, I doubt you'd do it? So, if you're a police officer as a volunteer, with some common sense, you're not supposed to shoot suspects like that, especially those that are already cuffed, just because someone told you to. Mike Kelly was ordered to shoot at the FBI agents by "higher-ups". He got banned for DMing, and he served his punishment 'cause of it (as a reference). You didn't face any server, nor PD punishments, so are you still going to bump this thread expecting so
  2. I kinda have to agree with this. Seeing 10 people at the same place doesn't mean there's a crime going on.
  3. We both see the issue from the other perspective. You go into battle knowing there will be 8 groups there. We go into battle knowing there's whole PD, SWAT and HRT waiting for us around the corner. This can't be solved simply by telling people not to do it. Both of the sides have to address the issue and work on fixing it (if they're willing to, at least).
  4. Ok, let's see... 1) Re-read what the suggestion says. 2) It's not normal seeing a whole SWAT team chasing down some gang members or a few immigrants. SWAT is made for people that don't know how to RP I suppose, since I never saw them RP-ing. Maybe they are, between themselves in that 8K HP Bunker while db'ing others, but I wouldn't know. 3) Everyone has the option to RP towards the end that they would prefer, if it's possible in the situation. You've never seen a patient dying on the helpers hands? Especially if they just ate few kilos of bullets?
  5. The only way to force someone to create a roleplay scenario is to threaten with some punishments. Killing someone 'cause he told you "fuck off" is considered as a rulebreak and should be enforced more. Shooting someone will result in an active suspect situation that will lead to a shootout with cops. Instead, make a brawl fight, loser does /lay and cries. If he pulls a gun out while down, the first person will shoot him, and when the cops come, he can RP an investigation with them (Just an example). Then he can take his case to the court, etc. (( I'll make a suggestion
  6. As we can all see some of the player actions are getting repetitive with generally no response, or at least not the one players would want, I've decided to list some of the changes that all of the players would benefit. (Points were already discussed in some of the private chats from various parties to create the most unbiased version of it.) 1) Punishing should be maintained and upheld. There's no point in punishing someone when he's going to rejoin and continue doing the same thing over and over again. Blacklisting should be taken more seriously to avoid that from happe
  7. Officer Audrey Riley was seen murdering a suspect that was cuffed and knocked down by a witness. The situation was reported to the authorities and an action was taken. What's OOC in that, Elias? The part where the officer insulted the suspect (due to some OOC hate I suppose) for quite some time, or the part where the officer put a bullet in his head? Everything was kept IC and that was the result. Unfortunately, in this situation, you can't jail an FBI Director for yelling "Kill him", right? Yet, an officer was caught inbetween the 2 sides (FBI & LSPD). As I've seen, the p
  8. Romero


    Before y'all start arguing about who did what and create another drama here for no reason... Just take a look at what he said. "before the award show i tried to make good memes and make people happy some time in their life, but the end i was not the funniest player, who ever was good work to him, i just want this community to be a less-toxic community since, ive been toxic alot i apologise about it, but the other also have to be less toxic." You have to start working on yourself, then the others might treat you the way you deserve. "You should have see
  9. So basically, you're saying I got DM'd but no one wanted to take my case since it was classified as IC issue? Oh yeah, it's not DM, he's just a corrupted cop, right?
  10. I agree that players in gangs lack a bit of... discretion. But also, let's imagine a scenario: > Gang member discreetly tells the cop he's not welcome there. > Cop counts that as a threat, and by IC regulation, he's allowed to shoot him down. I never was a part of the PD nor I know their regulations from A to Z, but a couple of days ago, I got shot down 'because I was a potential threat' (possibly armed, with possible intention of assaulting a police officer). They 'are not supposed to shoot, but they're still allowed'. Counted as IC issue. Not def
  11. You people lack perspective. Mafia is supposed to do it's business silently, away from the eyes of the police department. But Ballas are not a mafia. They are a street gang. Their members are supposed to rob people, break into houses, steal cars, chase down people in their hood, create riots, or whatever A GANG MEMBER is supposed to do. They're supposed to create chaos, and threaten the cops when they are around (while trying to follow the server rules though). I'm not sure why are you expecting to get a cookie or something there. It's just a death wish, and you know it
  12. Romero


    I was arrested by BCR numerous times after getting caught ATM nuking in BC, lost a shitload of marked money, C4s and other items. They RP'd well as law enforcers, and everything that goes with it and I respect that. I was also executed by Carlo himself after he came to Idlewood to collect the tax which we refused. Everything was RP'd properly and I respect that as well. But considering group owners aren't playing as regularly as they did before and only lvl 1 members play around nowadays, we get the situation where 60 people meet to talk (great opportunity for a mass RP
  13. Just let me drive that shi' offroad, easy win.
  14. I don't see the need of hating around. If you found yourself in this subject, post a counter-argument (if you have any). If you're not a part of this subject, post your opinion in a constructive manner. If you have nothing important to add and you're here just to drop salt, stay out of it.
  15. Not everyone wants to murder cops on the spot. There was a group of higher ranked officers that were showing the hood to the volunteers some time ago (And I'd really like to remember who the guys were, forgot the names). They RP'd well, and they didn't get a bullet, they got a beer instead. Yes, mafia (in this case cartel) is supposed to hate and shoot the cops, but we aren't DM hungry. You are. That's why the cops were at the GS9 24h a day. Now when the Ballas are gone, guess where are the cops now. Yep, Idlewood motel. (I'm not saying Ballas were saints, far from that. But you knew what's go
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