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  1. i thought you wanna go vc kid, wya? hoe lol
  2. You're as much of a joke as Enrique kid, gtfo
  3. Ahmed Waheb and Irishman, fucking jokers lad LOOOL
  4. Exactly. We had to teach that kid how to role-play and he's a Senior Administrator.
  5. Helping players is always a good thing. For example I have helped a Senior Admin called Enrique Mendez, alongside my friend Murder Modding and a Server Manager a couple of days ago. We taught him how to properly role-play because he had no idea what RP is as a Senior Admin. Helping the players won't hurt anybody.
  6. Hahahaha boys, you lads know what's my story? This Senior Administrator @Enrique Mendez says that I cannot role-play because I was level 4 - this about a week ago. Then turns out that me, my friend Murder Modding and a Server Manager had to teach him how to properly role-play due to his lack of skills and knowledge. No shit that Server Manager took me and my friend Murder Modding and we taught Enrique Mendez how to properly role-play. Where I wanna get with this is that, for those who cannot RP, there's always a chance. For example Enrique can't RP. If you get my point.
  7. What is your in-game name? Henry Gambino Which staff member banned you? Unknown When did you get banned? 06/22/2020 What is the ban reason? Deathmatch Personal comment I know this is my second time appealing for mass DM. I have done it again, I know - it's a stupid thing to do. I was not the smartest to go out and mass DM. I have done it because I had seen the server falling apart and thought that it's time to do mass DM again. Again, very stupid and unthoughtful of me as I will say that I re
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