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[POLITICAL] Ace Westbrooks' public conference

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Ace Westbrooks' public conference

By: Bery Bumpkin |  4th May, 2020.


Ace Westbrooks holds long-awaited public conference.


With the race for the position of Governor now fully underway, Ace Westbrooks looked to inspire party members and undecided voters alike with a speech about government, libertarianism and democracy.


The event was briefly interrupted when an unknown assailant opened fire at the Libertarian Democrat Party’s candidate. Luckily the situation could be quickly resolved because of the large police presence at the event, a sight we are getting used to seeing during this political campaign.


The Governor candidate did not seem all too affected by the commotion, as his speech continued shortly after. The rest of the event passed without further incidents.


With only days remaining until election day, Los Santos’ citizens are quickly making up their minds. All we know: It’s going to be a close race! 







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[b]Comment:we dont need these librarytarians, go home! and as far as my knowledge goes Ace Westbrooks was a formerly related to the gambino family!![/b]
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[b]Comment:[/b]libertarianism has always failed. This stat3 might as well be a communist state.
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On 5/4/2020 at 8:47 AM, Ramo said:

Comment: Goodluck to Ace, #voteforace


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