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Valrise Launcher - Common Issues


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  • To ensure the launcher is running smoothly, and before reporting any issues, make sure to do the following:
    Step 1. Make sure you have all Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime installed (Install HERE)
    Step 2. Create a new folder
    Step 3. Add that folder as an exclusion to windows defender
    Step 4. Download the launcher into that folder
  • Windows defender keeps detecting the launcher as a virus/keeps deleting it
    Return to the first point discussed. You need to properly add it to windows defender.
  • LOADER: Failed to load tcl/tk library
    Return to the first point discussed. You need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime (Assuming you're NOT using windows 7)
  • Windows 7 issues
    Launcher isn't supported on windows 7. There's nothing to do to fix it. Create a ticket on discord to get your VAC restriction removed if you play on Windows 7
  • Play button not working
    This issues happens when your last session closed in an unexpected way. That is, crashing, etc. On technical terms, you're still logged in according to the panel, that's why it won't let you in again. The solution to this issue, is simply waiting. After a few minutes, your session will time out and will be automatically closed. To confirm that this is indeed the issue, you can check your session logs files. The logs are stored in a logs folder, in the same folder as launcher. If you've waited and it's not working, close the launcher, open task manager, make sure there are no instances of the launcher or gta already running. If there are, close them, then try again. If still not working, restart your PC.
  • I have low FPS while using Launcher
    At the current moment, we won't remove any VAC restriction due to low FPS issues. This remains to be discussed in the future among management to see if it is to be changed. As for now, your best bet is making sure nothing else is heavily using your CPU and that you're using a none-heavily modded GTA. It's always advised to test with a clean GTA
  • I get kicked from the game at random times when logged in with launcher
    This happens due to unstable internet connection. We'll put measures to minimize this issue in the future, but it'll always remain if your internet is heavily unstable.
  • IP doesn't match session IP
    It happens due to an internet issue from your side, mostly due to the ISP itself. Your best bet as of now is restarting your router, and trying to login without VPN if you already use one. If you don't use one, try to login with a VPN.
  • Launcher won't open when I run it
    This happens due to slow/very unstable internet connection. Make sure nothing is eating up at your internet and try again. Also make sure the launcher isn't already running in the background. You can do this by going to your task manager and searching for it. If it's there, end the task. This is also a common issue on windows 11. If its still not working for you and you're on windows 11, create a discord ticket to remove the restriction.
  • Other unlisted issues
    If your issue doesn't fall under any of these categories or your issue isn't fixed yet, feel free to create a support ticket on discord.
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17 hours ago, Vaggelis_rossi said:

Without any reason it says that i dont have odd or obb?


I assume you're talking about the mobile client. This topic is for desktop Valrise Launcher issues only. For mobile client issues, make a discord ticket. Our mobile client developer will assist you further

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