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  1. Hello @Memphi$! We are glad our services was of help for your request. Have a good day. Regards, Idalia Castillo Senior Administrator
  2. Can’t accept the fact you cheated, these stories don’t stick. Denied apply again in a month.
  3. Your ban was reviewed, at this time we have considered to deny at this time. Try again in 3 Months.
  4. After Consideration, Valrise management deemed your ban appeal to be not worth the unban. [Denied.]
  5. Your ban appeal will be review by Valrise management. Remain patient.
  6. Thank you for reaching out to the valrise staff, remain patient as your ban appeal will be reviewed.
  7. Summer is almost coming to an end , hope this fall has a nice positive outcome!

  8. Keep the stories going, I want to see some better development from your character, make it happen!
  9. One image doesn't prove anything just so you know. Its best you speak the truth.
  10. Continuing to spam nonstop will result in you waiting longer. Also note , posting on my profile to check your ban appeal is a big no no. Submit another appeal in 2 weeks.
  11. This Canada wildfire is making the U.S east coast look like a orange gust of wind.

  12. Looking forward to seeing what we got in store for us.
  13. Opinions on valrise V2?


    V2 Changelog

    Sounds like good news!
  15. Glad to see you as an official blue.
  16. Definitely was a busy day indeed!
  17. Owii you becoming a blue, yeahh babyyy woohoo!!
  18. Cant wait to see what June has in store for us!

    1. AMR


      June = gae stuff

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