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  1. Ganton barbrshop baby near Binco
  2. Name: LeTrell Oshea Type: Business Reason: I own it but i need it moved Image:
  3. AYE, a Nigga left his shop open, Now it's mine. Come Get Yo haircut and yo ass tatted (Pause) at LeTrell Barbershop. Call me : 87682 Shop at Idelwood just infront of Pizza Stacks .GPS 2878
  4. Name: Property change Type: Business Reason: I need my office changed to this place right here. Image:
  5. * After house Sean slept ((/lay and AFK)). He wakes up to the sound of a chopper and cop next to him therefore he starts acting clueless andd injured as if he's he's waiting for the owner of them farm. * The Officer of the law asks Sean to get in with him in the chopper for investigation, In the meanwhile Sean seems to be cmplient. * Missjudging him for a normal civilian, Sean dissapoints Mark and put a gun to his head and orders him to go as away as possible from LS, to bayside. *Sean exits the chopper with his gun always pointed at the officer as he orders him to jump in the water. *After a long drive.
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