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  1. As per usual, @INFERNO is not the photogenic type.
  2. You never ever moved on from Gunther, did ya Mikro
  3. yes its on vice city, maybe gta 3 if corona virus
  4. Finally So it's gonna be an RP server, not a CnR as Timon presented?
  5. Username: @1337Taco Comment: Great stuff, keep on the good work PD!
  6. SAAF times, we used to conduct inhumane experiments on patients with questionable past.
  7. Paco

    Server Feedback

    I like whatever app you're using
  8. mashallah may Allah bring u Ser to Paradise inshallah veri good ser, super person!
  9. im not sure how you connected DM with a mosque, its just an aesthetically addition to possibly encourage different types of rp. Loc even said, you make it, he add it. Simple as that. You want a church? You want a Llama? Map it and he'll prolly add it where it suits.
  10. heelo ser .. Im SAPD sergent level 2 .. Am make veri low Money But Am Want To HElp drugs, Am Protecc hashish feilds .. I get Raise in Police Dept. ?? thenk You ser .. best flowers, peco "benchod" valez
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