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  1. Valox


    Ingame name: Max Harrison Reason why you want to win: As world-wide e-paying feautres are restricted in my country and I am unable to purchase one it will be cool if I experience some VIP pack and some amazing perks & features. What could improve the SAMP RP server: The server is currently great and in my POV nothing is broken in it so it can be improved. Discord tag: Valox#2371
  2. was going to offer 1m + jester for the 24/7, but congrats for the new owner.
  3. I'd custom map it myself
  4. Name: Alex Fraibly Comment: >peacufelly protests >cutely hits a police officer with knifes and bats >POLICE BRUTALITY?!!1111!
  5. Every agency with /barrier perms can block roads.
  6. This is a very helpful topic, tho /barrier is made to block roads?
  7. Not bad, still missing ZIP tho.
  8. Your in-game name xTweLve You real life age 14 Your country and timezone Tunisia | CET -1. How do you describe yourself as a person I would describe myself as a person that plays SA-MP for many hours daily, mainly on Valrise servers that wishes to help the community and its players by every thing he could do. A person that is kind and friendly that can understand others and feel them. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Since I joined the server I have witnessed many and many
  9. 80,748 are banevaders, tho congo.
  10. Name: Maximusanderinostreti. Comment: Staff Sergeant*
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