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  1. If u think we can afford these we are ready to offer 1.7m for the cheetah. We think that is reasonable
  2. Sir , we can afford those or why else would we start this business! the only thing that cannot be afforded here is the face of urs after seein this comment! And we also need Rich people like u to invest if possible sir! It would be great help for "poor people" like us.
  3. A 24/7 in Montgomerry! Offer if interested!
  4. Ty for ur offer , but we arent currently lookin to buy low riders , ty
  5. Sir we do not require the vehicle you have proposed , but ty for the offer
  6. Ty for ur time sir we have bought a Patriot!
  7. Sir we are a new faction we can jump upto 70k for the patriot
  8. We have just received an in game offer of 1m . We are still considering offers , decision to be made soon
  9. Oh sorry sir I will . Sorry for the shameful grammar I used ! But your behaviour has some issues . If u need help fixing it I will help u sir!
  10. Sir it is not an auction , we put forward the car for sale and we asked for ur offers. We also just put in there our expected price that's all sir. Its been long since u played ig.
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