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  1. This isn't communism, if they bought them they got the right to use them. Want them? Give them a good offer for it.
  2. Stop putting words in my mouth. Where did I ever state Legion was behind such attacks? Legion was formed when I wanted to get you and Derek to step down from PD. We don't engage in trolling IG or on the forums like the Cena crew. Edit: Neither do we condone such attacks towards any community, even if we don't agree with said community. Many members of the legion still play and haven't stopped playing Mudoo and I didn't see either me or them directly attack the community.
  3. I didn't know Caster was clay until you told me just now. Caster is not a member of the Legion and we have no ties to him. Nor do I know who this bob guy is that you mentioned in my last unban request. I haven't exactly been involved in Mudoo related drama that much, all I know is that said clay guy edited some posts on PD forum.
  4. First point was mere coincidence. I had just remembered I haven't been in Mudoo for a while and my properties would probably be lost. Hence I decided to login and pay the tax. If I do troll feel free to ban me for that. But I don't want to be banned for something I didn't do.
  5. I want to be unbanned because I had no connection to whatever happened. Yes I am together with Macon in other discord servers, but I had no idea any of this was going down and I don't think he did either. I don't know what else to tell you it wasn't my fault. I rejoined to server to pay my property tax and check how it was doing, instead I get banned for no reason.
  6. What is your in-game name? Sam_Jefferson Which staff member banned you? Matthew Carter When did you get banned? 04/01/19 What is the ban reason? Bye Legion Personal comment I'd like to see some proof mate, I had no connection to whatever went down in PD forums. I was told about it afterwards not my problem. Now I don't really see any copying of LSRP manuals in Argonath or any other server I play on, unlike MudooC PD we're trying to become a Department which is based on the LAPD (Ranks or otherwise) with good quality role-play and a good level of community policing not a bunch of pakis running around with M4s. If you don't like the changes that I suggested for the PD, get rid of them and fuck off to being the FB-.. IOB Director with your three tactical teams.
  7. What is your in-game name? Sam_Jefferson Which staff member banned you? Matthew Carter (CBFasi 2.0) When did you get banned? 04/01/19 What is the ban reason? Bye Legion Personal comment I'm serious here, tell me what I did instead of just going around handing baseless bans. I came back from inactivity, changed my name and got banned. I would appreciate if you told me why. I won't bother replying to the name calling, I know being bipolar can be quite hard so I'll let you work on that first. Now can I know why I was really banned?
  8. What is your in-game name? Sam_Jefferson Which staff member banned you? Commander in Chief MattC When did you get banned? 04/01/19 What is the ban reason? Bye Legion Personal comment So I can't change back to my old name I get instantly banned? I thought we were on good terms here.
  9. Stop talking out of your ass and read my previous reply before the one above if you want my input on the topic. The one about the quote was to call out the idiot who was spamming everyone's feed.
  10. @Silvester_Aaron Learn to quote multiple things in a single post, instead of post hunting and posting 4 in a row.
  11. I was asked by someone for my input regarding this since he was interested in it so here it is, but I won't bother to reply to any further discussion on this. You can write all the topics you want this is not going to change shit, it didn't in Argonath and it won't here. Because of a very simple reason, the rules are being shitted on, since the beginning of the server I and a few other people were for stricter enforcement of rules and making sure they are properly stated and constantly improved on and adapted to the changing server. The idea was so that there are no "grey areas" where it's left up to the staff's discretion which has people who don't know what the fuck they are doing as shown by the behaviour of some of the staff members, not going to mention names but we all know who. The mentality of the server is as it is, most people won't bother to "role-play" as they don't even know what the fuck roleplay even is in the first place and use the excuse of a "light-rp" server to DM all they want. It happened in Argonath and is happening here. You can try all you want to try and change it but it's too late, the mentality of the server is already set and most of the player base with it. Most of the people who wanted to do proper roleplay had enough of the DM and left for LSRP or RCRP not only here in Mudoo but in Argonath as well. But hey, if you manage to turn this around props to you.
  12. Looks amazing. Good to see a governor that's actually doing his job.
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