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  5. That can not be considered as a valid proof for this kind of hack , he could be just falling from the sky. and you saw him in that position. If you have any other proof other than this that can provide more suspecion post it here otherwise this is invalid.
  6. I've seen him ig multiple times and I came up to see that he is +Helpfull +Fully active +Friendly and fits in the staff team. Recommended.
  7. Place your house location, and the offer below it.
  8. He's an helpfull player from what I've seen In-game, His english abilities are good, Not toxic and probably patiente. Recommended.
  9. To be honest, I saw you multiple times ig, I remember you were not immature enough to fit in the staff team and your english as well doesn't meet the requirments to be accepted as a staff team. Disrecommended.
  10. Work on your maturity untill then im going neutral
  11. Look i will make this quick @Mr.Yousef, you quite to avoid dying by a hacker, Well we could set your deaths back instead of this reaction but this is not the only time you reacted like that, Assassin will take care of this, cut his states and he will be unbanned after 3 hours because tou admited that and friendly somehow.
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