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  1. What is your in-game name? Marco_Vincenzio Which staff member banned you? Zac When did you get banned? 10/29/2022 What is the ban reason? Using Setweather/time.cs and framatevig.asi Personal comment Hi staff, I am here to apologize for the mods I used below and listed by me on last ban appeal, It was just to make my game better and avoid the server changing status of timecya, so I used my own which would never change, and never thought it'd be banable and gives advantage over players until I just got awake and understood what you mean by that, I wish you can trust me and give me another chance as I do not regret that there's a perfect human and does not make any mistake, whatever you want I'll be sending screenshots time-by-time and I don't have any problem with that. You'd see me as a lying person, or just a guy tries to make a ban appeal, writing some letters, getting unbanned, then breaking this rule again and again, that is not how I'm gonna do, and my words are clear to you, I'll delete the mods and I want a whitelisted mods please so I can use them without getting banned
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  2. Vice Governor Tanzidur Hernandez assassinated at Market park's inauguration ceremony The newly constructed market park's inauguration ceremony was held on 26th of November 2022, at 18:00. Vice Governor Tanzidur Hernandez was going to give his speech at the stage of the park, to encourage civilians into interacting with one-another. Holding a speech in the open was dangerous, which would make assassination attempts easier. Just as the vice governor started his speech, he was stabbed using a knife from behind. The vice governor's security immediately evacuated him and the speech was put on a hold. Civilians were clearly not surprised, the state of San Andreas attracts a lot of crime and assassination attempts on government officials are not uncommon. It was later confirmed that the vice governor is safe and not sustaining and major injuries, the speech was to be resumed shortly inside All Saints General Hospital. Footage of the assassination: The speech was resumed inside All Saints Hospital, floor two. Every civilian was checked thoroughly and weapons were not allowed inside. The governor started his speech. As per the governor, the market park would be a place for civilians to interact with each other, moreover as Los Santos was a very urbanized city, this park would serve as a vital area for civilians to visit, local stalls can be opened here which would also give a boost to the economy, making this a very promising project of the government. The governor ended his speech and an explosion was heard near the stage. Emergency Medical Services volunteer identified as Tytus Weed, used a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) on other employees of the San Andreas Fire and Medical Department, targeting high ranked officials. The governor was evacuated once again, and the suspect was taken down. As per reports, there were no casualties and the injured were treated on scene. What does this mean for the future of the state? Are we heading towards an era where it would be too risky for high ranked officials to stay in public because of people wanting to assassinate them? Civilians ask many questions, yet to be answered. Footage of the explosion and suspect: PAID ADVERTISEMENTS PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUXURY CORPORATION Subscribe to the Luxury Package and get access to a large fleet of supercars and armored cars! www.luxurycorporation.com "A standard of it's own" [TM] Thompson's Tailoring Service We offer custom clothes (skins) for groups and individuals! Call us for a quote. Call 19835!
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