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  1. _Bruce


    30m from me.
  2. I give you all my assets for it.
  3. I’m a Mobile player like you told me. I don’t have enough money to buy a PC
  4. Yes, I buy all your family with my pixel money.
  5. I can trade my bank account.
  6. Offer for a basement one and 10 pots + reinforced door
  7. If possible, I would like to relocate my 24/7 (Nr. 967) to another place in BlueBerry. There are only 2 24/7 inside BlueBerry and both are mine and close to each others. From here: To here:
  8. I buy all your custom plates.
  9. _Bruce

    Buying nrg

    I buy all 4, the price seems cheap.
  10. I would like to change the interior of my property, (Nr.633) with ID 45.
  11. You already had a punishment for abusing mobile bugs, despite that you did the same thing. DENIED.
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