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As we're nearly ready to go, we need some things done here and there, minor stuff that is. However, we also need people to test the server out and get some buildings built here and there. 


So, for a few lucky people you'll get access to the Minecraft server to either build or test out the server and report bugs or any issues you experience, or even suggest to add new things! 


What will my job as a mapper be? 

Your job will be to build us maps for the server upon request. You will be put in a team and you will work together in order to complete a build for the server. You may receieve some in game items/perks in exchange, but nothing too big. 


What will my job as a tester be?

Your job will be to test out the server and look out for bugs and report them to the server management or developers.  Rewards may be given depending on how much you work and assist the Management. 


What are the requirements?

You must have Minecraft and be able to run 1.14


How to apply?

It's simple! You can show your interest here or DM me on discord, Kacper#2233


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There are kids in this community who were born after Minecraft was released.

Let that sink in.

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44 minutes ago, amirhossein2 said:

is there any way to play this game free? or we should buy the original for 26.95$ ?


On 7/30/2019 at 12:48 PM, Mikro said:

Minecraft is not free and we will not support any links to hacked/cracked versions.

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