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2nd anniversary of Mudoo Gaming

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Hello dear friends,


End of May / Early June 2017, a group of people settled down on a discord direct message group with the idea of creating a server. Such idea came following series of events in other communities we have played, which were ruined by slow development, bad leadership, and bad staff team. The initial idea was that we create a Cops'n'Robbers server. The idea quickly changed shape as more people put their thoughts to it, and it was concluded that we would create a light-medium roleplay server. That server is now known as Mudoo RPG. The initial development took about 6 months, up till December, when we released for the first time. The server already at that point had a lot of features to offer, and we had people register through panel at the time, there was no in-game registration. Mikro focused on system administration, website work, and aided with some parts of the server scripts, while LocMax and I solely focused on the server scripts. The release went well for first hours, but then it simmered down. Some days later, the server had no players in it. We took a step to discuss what might be the cause, what we can improve, change and do to make it more attractive. Well, it was decided that we close it down again and start another phase of development until the server has a lot more to offer and to be more competitive.


During the time of second development, we got the idea from Advance Gaming players (which was the former community of LocMax)  to relaunch its server - the Call of Duty: Global Warfare server. It is a much easier game type to script than a roleplay server, it's more straight forward, so LocMax went on to develop the Global Warfare server in order to give players something to play until the full release of the roleplay server.  The server was quickly relaunched and it had a somewhat steady player base in the beginning.


In the meantime, having the TDM server running, the development of the RPG server continued. It was about April when we went back to develop the RPG. This time, we added a lot more features that were missing in the initial release, repaired all the bugs discovered during the initial release, and implemented the in-game registration system, which was probably the most crucial thing that kept people from initially playing in the server. Having to go on a panel and register is a hassle to a lot of people. And for a server that wasn't well known and just brand new, none would put that time in to go through the process just to visit it. Anyways, development was greatly progressing during the following months, up until May, basically not full two months until it was already ready for the second release. We changed our aim a bit from a medium RP to a light-medium RP as well. And so the server released. In the first days, instantly 80 players and more, through the days, and over 40 at night. It was surreal and unexpected for all of us, considering we assumed we'll have 20-30 at max. 


That was the beginning of this great adventure. 


From the release and onward, the community has progressed a lot, including both the servers, the RPG and the TDM, though, TDM struggled in the period afterwards, there were times when it suddenly started having 30-40 players, and then again dropped to low. It was somewhat disappointing to see that considering the same server used to have 200 players during 2015, without any effort. However, the RPG server was continuous with the player base. As RPG had the more active player base, the development was focused on it. It received weekly updates, as it still does day today, and a certain vision was enforced, which is that players should have freedom, not to be censored for petty words and insults, not to be censored for stating something they dislike about the server, not to be censored from expressing their opinions and thoughts, and that the staff be mediators, not babysitters. That is an important factor for a modern community, to give people certain level of freedom in expressing themselves. After all, the community members are what builds the community, and their opinions must be understood, accepted and considered. 


During the whole year from the initial release in May of 2018 to now, June 2019, we of course had ups and downs, but we remained persistent and we kept pushing regular updates to the server. We upheld our values of giving people the freedom of expressing their concerns, opinions and thoughts, and we executed all the promises we made. I believe it is rare for a lot of communities to have management teams and the owners themselves be actively involved with the community. Casually playing, talking, and being accessible by all. Even though a lot believe that their needs must be immediately taken care of on spot, and are not satisfied if they don't get what they ask for in the second, it still needs to be understood that we have a lot of people with needs of their own, requests and things to do, so if we cannot answer you immediately, it'll still be taken care of sooner than it may in many other communities. 


In the end, from where we stand now, we are proud of what we achieved as a community, and we are looking for more years of this adventure. For that, we must be ready to expand into newer games and give ourselves new possibilities. Therefore, we have FiveM servers under active development by TiMoN and myself, which will hopefully be as good and as actively populated as our other servers. And even as we expand, we will still take active care of our old servers and continue to develop the community as a whole, not just single parts of it. Of course, don't have unrealistic expectations, in the end, it's only less than a handful of people who are developing all the servers.


Our TDM players are not forgotten.. To thank them for their patience we'd like to announce that we will re-open this server the coming days. LocMax took time for a massive update. Make sure to check it out once it's re-opened!


We thank you all for being part of the Mudoo community, we hope you do enjoy playing our servers, and we hope you are satisfied with how the community works. Understandably there might have been issues you have faced and imperfections from our side, but no community is perfect and no person is perfect. We strive to improve all the time and we hope you will be with us in achieving that.


And we thank all the ones who were with us in the very beginning.

Richard (Founder), Leonardo (Community Leader), Derek (Server Manager), Bangoh (Retired Server Manager), CraZe (Senior Admin), Pepe Santos (Server Manager), Pizza (Tester).


Enjoy the birthday ceremony @ saturday!

Best regards,

The community team


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1 hour ago, J. Randall said:

maybe a Minecraft adventure / survival server too :D  the game had it's birthday and became no 1 game of all times beating Tetris


I would really like this to happen

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