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  1. Just remember when you're standing in the valley of decision, and the adversary says "give in," just hold on; your Lord will show up; and He will take you through the fire, again. -Fire Lord- After the Former SAFD Chief got lost, Chief is here now to tell you a story, when the chief survived after getting lost in the ocean, probably lost their mind tho, so let's beggin! I'm beeeeegginn! Okay okay to main subject now. Bull Nakazato is a Japanese Character made by me(as someone else made it no? nah ok continue)- Came to City Of Los Santos, made their dream real, being a Real FireFig
  2. Or just spam billy or someone else in pm and woopaa you're swat jk don't take it so serious .. You gotta apply for sapd at: pd.sagov.us first
  3. SAFD Day full of EMS service for the state ! https://imgur.com/a/BlLm7Aw (Sorry tired of posting every pic in it's line so here's direct link)
  4. Will the SAPD try to find them or just because they found the chief they'll leave them forever? I don't think you arrested / taken down everyone.
  5. SAFD Short Day , more things done _______________________________ Another good day
  6. Is the CID who does these "Arrests", or every officer does it.
  7. Hello there, your application for SAFD has been DENIED, due to the next reasons: -Failure to respond. You may re-apply after one week(7 Days). Signed: Fire Chief Mike Rookie
  8. SAFD Save and Protect (Having SAPD's Captain safety) (New faces of the great SAFD) (When your members turns on you) (Briefing team to the next training mission-P1-) (Briefing the team for next training mission-P2-)
  9. Hello there your application for SAFD is now placed on PENDING, please fix your application. -Edit 1: Place every question on it's line. (if you don't know how, have a look at the previous applications) -Edit 2: 1:Character Informations > Describe yourself: Too short.
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