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    In-game name: [PC]JizzyB Registration date: 28 May 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date: i am not able to find actual date of my last punishment but surely it was months back for bullying someone on Discord. Current group membership: PCOM - P Company Previous group membership: Anonymous Motive for joining the council: Am leading a group in server from a long time, am aware of problems which a group leader faces when he starts a group and which kind of motivations and stuff he needs to spark up his group instead of letting it go in week or a month, i can be helpful for those who need a helping hand as a newbie leader of a group. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: I will try to solve the problem's source not the problem. I will never hesitated to accept my failures through that i will never fails to learn . I am very good listener, if someone is speaking with me about something. Sometimes I become straight forward & Emotional, I speak my mind whether you like it or not & I default to believing that I can solve any problem on my own. This works well in situations, but not in few cases.
  2. Good step to bring count back will make sure to hit you guys there.
  3. Where from they got *High buyouts* to pay? Hmmm might have abused weeding or farming. Economy is already fucked up Few people around got 30 - 50 millions on the other side things got nerfed.
  4. Eh you stole my words ! It could be a step for turning server atmosphere from TDM to RPG. It would be upsetting players who own warehouses but that could be the reason they start roleplaying around and lead their groups in right direction. Note: i own a warehouse plus i actively craft weapons over there aswell.
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