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  1. Dexter

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    dexter kowalski 47 n 11
  2. I never said I did not abuse the cooldown, I did abuse it but not that much of abuse to get permanently banned. And again, I'm sorry for it.
  3. I wasn't asking for who issued it, I asked why was I PERMANENTLY banned for relogging to avoid a 3/2 minute cooldown when I literally had full equipment, and even if we take it from your side, I've abused the cooldown script, but permanently banning me for refilling my armour from 96 to 100 is really harsh.
  4. What is your in-game name? Dexter Kowalski Which staff member banned you? Pedro Wilson When did you get banned? 10/27/2020 What is the ban reason? Relogging to avoid equip cooldown? Personal comment There was a situation at Four Dragons in which I was involved in as a SWAT member, I had like 96 armour and 100 hp, I had cooldown for some reason, and I did indeed relog, then equipped myself with teargas n shotgun then breached, after the breach I had 1 hp left, I waited for the cooldown then
  5. Dexter


    I listed common sense idiot.
  6. Dexter


    In which part in that line you've quoted does it say you can kidnap one of your own members to role-play a scene? even if it doesn't, common sense should be present but i doubt you even know what does that mean.
  7. Dexter


    You did this to yourself, no one has ever told you to role-play kidnapping your own members to keep the hold of the warehouse, you broke a rule n got punished. I don't see how is it imbalanced?
  8. Dexter


    indeed g, but there is a difference, we were role-playing with our members with their names exposed and accordingly, you role-played kidnapping your own members and some other shit that wasn't really tolerated.
  9. Dexter


    ^ n that, you are literally nothing but a disgraceful failure n yet he calls us shit about faking our role-play to keep our official status which we were and still holding it since it was implemented in the group system.
  10. Dexter


    We never did post any fake screens, those were role-played properly. We did role-play a /few/ times within our Crew but we didn't hide it under Masks, it was part of the role-play to interact with the Crew members. I wonder what have you done since you've opened BCR so far? oh, you were punished for posting fake screens to keep your official status!
  11. Dexter


    Get lost lol you fucked up cause you were hungry to get the official status that you decided to fraud it up, you got exposed n were punished. Get on with it n get better.
  12. hey motherfucking retard we own the farms before you even realize what is mudoo so shut the fuck up and go asslick somewhere else paki faggot
  13. Point remains, Carter is a lifeless manipulating dictator.
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