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  1. Say it's Yuris Furnishing and i don't furnish for less then 3m therefor the value
  2. Dennied, its a group property the Hq is just temporarily removed.
  3. Both of the properties have a custom Business sign you can edit. Fully Furnished. Offer down bellow. STARTING BID ON BOTH PROPERTIES: 2M.
  4. I am , message me i would like to buy it.
  5. There are pharmacies already in LS, it's the only pharmacy in bayside. Denied.
  6. Sorry we don't add new properties, you can buy a property somewhere else and move it there.
  7. Approved, it will cost you 2.5m since its a Yard in LS, still interested?
  8. Approved contact a Senior in game
  9. Well i'll keep it reserved if you get scripted, if not we will move the office.
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