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  1. 600k :). its not profitable though .
  2. (veh) Name : Mysha Basundhara Panel Link : https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/mysha_basundhara Hope you will come soon again
  3. Its not now & its in a very good area market & the furnishing is good too . The offices & houses of that areas price are high & i am owning this for a long time
  4. Selling Office At Market Main Road , NR2237 Value : 575k(something like that) Buyout : Offer Pictures : Exetior Interior:
  5. Deal Closed , Not Selling Right Now.
  6. Name : Mysha Basundhara Selling : Yarded House Gps NR 3466 Value : 475k Buyout : 1.2m(discount offer) Pictures:
  7. VT's Keeping /panic W/o Any Reason , /panic is a very important Cmd , when Law enforcement needs bk they can /panic so Unofficial PD or the VT's who join VT duty just to troll & dm its kinda a very good cmd to troll Thats why i was removed & was official only thanks .
  8. Name: Mariana Hulldor Comment: Support you sir , Make the state better .
  9. In-game Name:Mariana Hulldor Chosen Number (between 1 and 999): 69 Discord: Mysha Basundhara#6680 (Optional) Feedback: [N/A]
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