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  1. 8 July,the day when 21 year old guy Peter first stepped in Los Santos.He had no idea about the life of Los Santos.In his early days he struggled to find a job.He did petty jobs like trashman cleaner etc to earn his bread.He even had no place to stay.But one day he met a man..who offered him a room for just 5k and also introduced him about the lifestyle of Los Santos.Peter interacted with fewhat people around the city and ask them to hire him..but all of them denied him and called him NOOB.So Peter decided to work for Govt.He joined the SAPD where he found that he had very POOR Shooting skills.
  2. Name: Peter_Moretti Type: Other Reason: Hey admins...I want to use that empty space beside my house...I want to start a bike business there...so am I allowed to do furniture there ??please reply..I will not violate furnishing rules please approve my request to use that space Image:
  3. What is your in-game name? Peter_Moretti Which staff member banned you? IDk When did you get banned? 11/10/2020 What is the ban reason? i was using a vpn and i didnt knew that vpn is bannable so when i logged in it shows "you are banned for using hacks" Personal comment sorry admins ill never do it again pls unban me
  4. Name: Peter_Moretti Type: House Reason: I need the space just next to my house (as shown in pic) to utilise it.I want small modification there.Place a entrance with Board "Moretties Space" . I wanna start my small vehicle business in that little empty space...also I want to place 2 couches and 2 tables if possible just outside my house...plss see if it's possible Image:
  5. hello..my ingame name is Peter_Moretti and i want some modifications to be done outside my place here.Pls Help me admins
  6. two guys near Market Mall robbed and killed an innocent today.Heres the proof..identities unknown [REPORTER ROY] PS : dont judge me its my first post
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