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  1. Yes sir deal what's your ign and add me on discord Alex134231#2730
  2. This are the newest withdraws of profit and I have more than 20k to withdraw rn
  3. As i said in the ad scroll up i just bought the store again!and i didnt withdrawed any profits!!!
  4. gps 1940 go check by As i said i dont got profit logs
  5. gps 1940,the store its making like 50k-70k if you post like 5 ads in a day,Offers starting from 1,900m buy now2.500m /I had the store 1 month ago sold and bought again,so i dont got the profit logs this photo its one i found in this profit in 15h.
  6. Gps 1940,offer,profit it's decent you can go up to 70k 80k on 24h If you restocking,and post some ads,once you made customers ads no needed.if you need more screens of profit type here.The store it's restocked with full crates
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