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  1. Denied; not a clean background sheet in the community.
  2. Hello @Linda Meyers, Message me if you are still interested! Kind regards, Senior
  3. Hello, Your application has been officially noted, waiting for our staff’s votes and evaluations. Stay interested! Kind regards, Senior
  4. Hello @Spex_Wilson, Kindly put more efforts in your application and respect at least the basic grammar rules of English, 24 hours to show that you are still interested! Kind regards, Senior
  5. Hello @Rage, If you are interested message me on private, you have 24 hours before your application will be denied! Kind regards, Senior
  6. Hello @Lunatic, Your application has been noted, waiting for our staff to evaluate your status. Stay interested! Kind regards, Senior
  7. Hello @IamNotLegend, Your English skills does not qualify you to be a part of our staff team, you have 24 hours to correct the grammatical errors and put more efforts in your application otherwise It would be considered as denied. Kind regards, Senior
  8. Hello @Mazen, Put more efforts in your application! Kind regards Senior
  9. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Discharged as Moderator(1): @Chadury Discharged as Junior Administrator(2): @jonaldHD @fzero1 Discharged as Senior Administrator(3): @swag @Sali
  10. Senior

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    Resigned as Server Leader (6): @OUSSEMA Thanks for all of your services and efforts, you are always welcomed back. Farewell! Hired as Moderator(1): @Nick Alvin
  11. Senior

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    Promoted to Server Manager(5) @Amine
  12. Senior

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    Fired as Junior Administrator (2): @Assassin
  13. All the accounts we have by the name of "PAGALLLL" have 0 scores, plus we don't delete accounts here.
  14. Senior

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    Hired as Moderator(1): @Maxon
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