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  1. You get lost mister. Without your discord i can get information and help.... First seek the manner to talk and then come to this post. You don't know how to talk with the person non sense person. One thing more i only sent them link. I didn't force them to join that discord server. To whom i send link or talk on my personal discord i don't need your permission.
  2. i can accept this that some of them were not my friends but they had contact with me already i didnt went to your discord and took profiles.
  3. micro show me one person with whom i didnt talk before and i sent him invitation of Asiania RPG server. i can show you SS of all persons to whom i had chat before.
  4. Mikro they are my friends if i am sending them and they don't have problem with it then its mean you shouldn't have problem too. As i didn't go to your discord and take there discord link and sent invitation. They were already added in my discord.
  5. What is your Discord account? Raelynn Kunis#6445 When did you get banned? 12/21/2020 What is the ban reason? dont know Personal comment idk why am i banned i just use it for help purpose
  6. I have turismo for sale offer 2.5 million
  7. My Name is Raelynn_Reznov https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/profile I want infernus thats my dream car if its out os stock then give me a Turismo ISSUED
  8. tell me your discord Raelynn Kunis#6445 contact me on discord
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