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  1. William Wilson 44 and 110 EDITED @Kacper
  2. David Rogers is temporary banned and he'll be un-banned after 7 days. If you think that your punishment is false you may go ahead and post an staff complaint. L&A
  3. You said you didnt have hacks on your pc meanwhile your "friend" told you that you got banned for hacking and money farming, nice story man but no you neither say the truth or I'm denying this
  4. The account wont hack itself...stop lying already, I witnessed you fixing your car when the engine died and I witnessed you when you created other accounts and gave yourself 9k and also 3 different admins witnessed it and we're not blind so you better stop lying or I will deny your appeal
  5. Value: $2,000,000 Starting bid(Buyout): $2,000,000 Screens:
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