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  1. Cyclone

    Group Turfs

    This is not TDM..
  2. Cyclone

    MudooRPG Series

    why video demonitized
  3. Cyclone

    MudooRPG Series

    I like me getting fucked twice
  4. "We" I did this myself, the only help I got was from Jonh which he capped few areas (I also stood up till 3 am to do this) No Im not on PC but seems Ricky is helping you Oh, also when I joined no zones were captured, only US had few, Arabia had no zones
  5. ohaio, ich bin cyclone! its been a pleasure to meet you, profile follower-san owo

    *unzips pants* well i think i know why youre here uwu~

    please enjoy this while you can, ok amigo?

  6. Cyclone

    Fishing Guide!

    Might try this, seems like Marlin gives good money. Gotta try this with the old tactics from Argo IVMP though, throw all the fishes in the sea if it aint the most expensive one.
  7. These are the corpses of the Gambino members that died in the shootout vs. the cops, don't die next time please. You are making my job harder. Extinguishing fire like a boss.
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