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  1. Not the first time you were punished for spamming/breaking chat rules. Take a read through here, you'll see the same rinse-repeat behavior. Hence, you need to take a break to weigh up the rules and understand the seriousness of your actions. You are simply ruining the experience for other community members with your disregard for the rules. To be reviewed in two weeks.
  2. Re-appeal when you are ready to reply.
  3. Sorry but we are no longer adding any new properties
  4. You're staying banned. You have seven bans on your account, four of them were issued for the same reason (casino scam).
  5. No you are not. Re-appeal when you are ready to be honest.
  6. You were banned for 'ban evading' - got anything to explain? @Tllton
  7. Your account has been forced on cac, more information can be found here (https://valrisegaming.com/cac) Unbanned
  8. Stick to one appeal, https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/topic/18461-frank_tilton-banned-by-kacper_carter/
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