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  1. Do you admit to using nametag few months back?
  2. Excuse me James sir. This my ban appeal should be unbanned yesterday 9th Jan 2021. But today is 10th Jan 2021. It is still ban??

    Screenshot_20210110-001156_Samsung Internet.png

  3. I mean youtube search algorithim can easily get you what you're looking for And about having hacks in your GTA and not using them, that's quite bullshit honestly. Two players were banned today for having an illegal mod in their GTA same as you and for that reason you also will be considered the case of a player using an illegal modification - hence this appeal will be reviewed in a month, 8th February, 2021 to be exact. In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade, doing so will directly lead to denial of your request. Locked.
  4. You were using no spread on 7th January, rings a bell?
  5. Do you admit to having hacks installed? - @Hipe
  6. No that is incorrect and I'll prove it to you. You never spoke with them about a vehicle ram, nor did they ram you there, so if you aren't prepared to be honest in your ban appeal - I don't advise making it in the first place. I was watching you there the whole time. This was said before killing Scott Smith. You had no proper reason to kill him there, nor do I see anything that relates to them ramming you/or even having a word with them about that, there were no proper roleplay interactions done b/w you. So there's one player DM'd. Hina Nakazato was killed after you said the foll
  7. Last chance to come clean, or I'll be denying this appeal myself for two months. And just to let you know, three players registering on the server in a short amount of time; buying C4's and storing them in your vehicle's trunk is not a concidence. You definetely have some connection with them.
  8. That interior doesn't match with the exterior of that warehouse, you need to pick a different location. - @Tony Montana
  9. Then you can't have a gate there. About the property, create a support ticket ingame when a senior admin is available to have the property set.
  10. We are no longer adding any weed house interiors and [interior:72] doesn't match the exterior. Choose another one. - @Chintan_Frost
  11. Create a support ticket ingame when a senior admin is available, requesting for a yard.
  12. Accepted. Create a support ticket ingame when a senior admin is available. Also, get a suitable interior ID that matches with the exterior.
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