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  1. If you were interested you could have send me any pm or to Juan.
  2. It's not a auction. We've reached 600k bid until now. If anyone want to bid go ahead or the property will be sold to peter as his bid is currently high.
  3. ============== Property info ============== Alarm level: 1 | Radio installed: Yes Price: 50,000 | Owned by: XX_XX Location: Idelwood apartments. Buyout starting bid: $55,000 Bid step: $5,000 Auction will be end after two weeks You cannot bid on a property that you don't have the money for. Bids cannot be cancelled more than 36 hours after they have been placed. Pictures can be found on given link above. Bid should be placed on given link.
  4. tarting bid: $1,800,000(1.8m) Bid step: $25,000 Buyout: $2,300,000(2.3m) Bid are being accepted via phone calls, messages and email (( Discord: Cybord#6161 and Forums pm )). Phone Numbers: 8773 or 52555 Specs: Tuned & Text. Auction Rules: Bids cannot be cancelled more than 36 hours after they have been placed. Bids must be increased by a minimum of $25,000 from the last bid. Bid must be placed on the given link.
  5. Ig name: Yoshio Kaneko Businesses: GS & Tool shop
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