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  1. What is your in-game name? Linda Meyers Which staff member banned you? Danny Winters When did you get banned? 04/17/2020 What is the ban reason? Poor RP + Extensive Punishment history Personal comment I apologies for everything happens, it been long time for the ban and i don't remember anything from the past.
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  2. Do-able, I could set this as an office.
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  3. Sir, it would be so nice of u if u can give your price for both the vehicles
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  4. You have been found banevading so you’re obviously denied. Good bye despacito.
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  5. After a brief looking into my game together with my friends, we have found out that there was a hack injected within the files, it was hidden amongst a fpsunlock mod. The hack was improving my aim. And i didn't know it because it looked normal on my screen, but it looked different on others. I sincerely apologize for "lying" since i clearly myself did not know that there was a hakc since the GTA ive had was been used for multiple months and i think i just got better by prscticing at multiple DM servers. Anyways im sorry for bothering yall 3 times, the file along with the whole GTA was removed and will not be used again. - Tom.
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