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(75) Swiper / Bailey Loose

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Bailey Bop.


Who is Bailey?

Bailey Loose is the brother of Nairo Loose (RIP)

Bailey is an UK driller he already has some tunes ready to get dropped.



Bailey is an 18 year old #75 member.

When he was 15 year old,

 he got arrested for 'Attempt murder' on Raymond Blackwood, He stabbed him twice in his neck.

The judge charges him for 'Attempt murder'

Because Bailey was at an minor age the judge gave him 3 year sentence in Las Venturas.



First day out. (Preview)

'I'm in the back of this car, no taxi
Sadly, I beg a man please try mad me
You'll see this hand ting get handy.

One in the head, jump out and get tappy
I didn't catch him, I didn't go back happy.'







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Gangland #75 HitSquad!



'they talking bout me but they know its skin, every opps that goes low in coffin, shotty same length as your coffin, boom boom blast on that man his whip, nobody got whacked on the Temple strip, where are you when i am on your strip fuck GSF & fuck OD, set the K on a K and your will be deleted, with NBA in the fuckin' whip 10 toes goes low if there goes be pissed, like bandobad we come to the nest, one of the other off the list, who of them are real run on them with my shanks and waps.'


'Snapchat gang that guys are whacked, i am with E, i am on earning money during class, tackling sins because i want cash, race sometimes fast during seconds, fuck an shooter own hitman.'


@Ed @Brandon_Flores@Denzel Johnson

Edited by Bailey
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Sheeessshhh, what do the peeps kno' 'bout us fam! 24/7 on the road, movin' packs shit is devilish heard some nig' got wacked. Oops Ssh and shh got splashed, Swiper made them dash, never seen the oppboy come back.


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