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  1. Hi yes i apologise for not responding last time i posted an appeal i wasnt active on any sort of game. i am no longer interested in just being toxic to get a laugh or a response out of other people i wish to be an actual member of the discord who can help and be friendly towards the members because now that i am active again in game i want to be more involved
  2. What is your Discord account? YDD#7758 When did you get banned? 04/05/2021 What is the ban reason? Toxicity Personal comment I apologise for the way i acted when before i was banned i was saying what i thought at the time were harmless jokes as i had heard similair jokes towards me on the server and the discord i now understand these jokes were in bad taste and i will do anything necessary to be able to be a part of the discord again so that i can engage in better communications and set up rp
  3. What is your Discord account? YDD#7758 When did you get banned? 05/04/2021 What is the ban reason? Toxicity Personal comment Unfortunately, i made some poor decisions due to my opinions on people of middle eastern descent, recent events with terrorist concerns i have become paranoid and agressive towards people i deemed as terrorists, i now know this was wrong and i am bare sorry my g
  4. Hi I would like the interior to be changed for my new dealership to be changed from a bar to ID: 115 which is The Small office I believe.
  5. After working with Hilly for a while Brandon eventually decided to save up his cash and start working almost full time as a fireman where n which he saved up enough to purchase a business names 'Flores Dealership.
  6. This is what happened when Brandon tried acid....
  7. Brandon at some time was affiliated with #75Block and some Ballas @Ed @Bailey
  8. Due to a horrfic crash Brandon had to have skin grafts from many people resulting in him doing a reverse Michael Jackson and going black
  10. During Brandons life of crime he was 'opps' with Ed_Myles they were pictured here 'shanking' eachother
  11. on October 8th 2020 Brandon Flores purchased his first car (pictured here)
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