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  1. I don't agree with the drug process like only mafia can make heroin it really doesn't make sense because irl the stuff is accessible and sold by regular street niggas
  2. I am currently selling a 3khp premier for a flat 1m
  3. Armor upgrade sold. custom plates available at 50k per plate
  4. 92518 igname Shaquan_Bluntz
  5. I have two custom plates for sale 60k for both
  6. Custom Plates: $45k Can negotiate 3khp : ( Can apply to any car that takes armor upgrade ) 1.5m
  7. Shaquan Bluntz was born in the Broker area of Liberty City to a crack head mother and an abusive father, Him and his youngest brother Leroy for as long as they knew had to fend for themselves whether it came to Food, Clothing, and sometimes even shelter when him and his brother would run away from home. Shaquan always had dreams of cars, money and ice but really had no idea on how to chase those dreams. Shaquan Started pinch dealing, Dimes and dubs here and there just to keep food in his brother's stomach, in his head he strived for more he was tired of the scrapes he was getting. As Shaquan and his youngest brother were walking from school one day, they were approached by 6 men all wearing red flags They pressed Shaquan for selling in their hood, while trying to explain himself to the men out of nowhere all you would hear is "SLAP" One of the men has Smacked Shaquan dead in the face as he stood there shaking uncontrollably, he remembered his brother was with him, so he had to walk away. That same night Shaquan snuck into his father's room, grabbing his 9mm from out his father's dresser and heading outside to look for the men who humiliated him. As Shaquan is riding his bmx bike around the hood he sees the man who slapped him and what he presumed to be his girlfriend , he wasted no time and let off 6 shots 3 in the nigga and three in the niggas bitch, he ran they pockets and found 15k in cash a couple of credit cards and some documents he left the cards and documents and took the cash. Shaquan Rushed home in a pool of sweat, you could tell he just done something wrong as he rushes to his brother Leroy " Yo Pack yo shit WE GOTTA GO NOW" Leroy not wanting to ask any questions just followed his brother next thing you know they were on the first flight to Los Santos. Shaquan would constantly check the news for any word of the murder back home yet nothing pop's up. Everyone assumed it was a robbery gone wrong but till this day he feels if he steps foot in Liberty City, he ah be in jail , or prison so Los Santos will have to be his new home. He started working odd jobs around the city to get him n his lil bro a spot in lil Haiti just behind glen park it was enough to keep the cool since the weather in LS is different and its usually always hot. One day while walking around the neighborhood Shaquan runs into a couple of males all wearing purple bandanas, he never seen these colors before. He began doing his research on them and found out who they were and what organization they were running. Everything he ever wanted they had Money, Cars, Ice, Hoes. These niggas were Real Ballas.. There was only one thing left to do.. Ballout.. Part II Shaquan woke up the next morning after getting jumped into his new found family the N.B.A, Known to be one of the most organized and relentless street gangs in Los Santos. Feeling a Lil sore he popped a extra strength pain killer and went about his day. Money was getting tight and trying to support his little brother and himself was only getting harder. Shaquan scrapped up a little bit of money to buy some materials to cook up some drugs , On his first day cooking up dope he fucked up the pack to the point where he lost more then what he started with. Frustrated as he's getting ready to leave the shack he was so blind with rage he didn't see the man standing a few feet behind him. Shaquan had a uneasy feeling about the man but something told him to be honest so he explained to the man his story , Til this day Shaquan doesn't know what it was that made this man take him under the wing but he went by the name Pinoy , he supplied Shaquan with the proper materials to cook dope along with a recipe that'll make the dope potent enough to hit the streets without the risk of some one complaining about the product. During the day Shaquan would post up on Gs9 Slangin Dope or just shooting the shit with his new found brothers. In time Shaquan was making his name known in the criminal underworld by pulling off hits on rival gang members , his brutality towards rival drug dealers , and his understanding of how important it is to move militant in his gang though he carries a short temper his approach is humble but he will shoot first and ask questions later. After spending almost a year with the gang Shaquan has been climbing the ranks pretty fast. Nobody really knows the amount of homicides Shaquan has participated in but rumor has it he has a bit over 8 bodies 7 of them which are Gang related. Due the the amount of work Shaquan put In he was given the Rank Street Soldier , Shaquan was arrested and was on trial for being a suspect on a murder case that took place back in his hometown of Liberty City so after a arrest for a unlicensed Fire Arm he was expedited to Liberty City. Shaquan spent about 9 months fighting his case down in Liberty City and due to the money he hustled up on the West Coast he was able to afford a lawyer , Bond was not a option , Shaquan was considered a flight risk and a menace to Society , Though Shaquan was locked away in LC he would send letters back to LS to his little brother and a few of the big homies he kept in contact with. Truth be told Shaquan didn't think he was ever coming home from jail but things took a turn for the better when after a brief but steady trial Shaquan was found... NOT GUILTY for the murder of Tyrese Montoya due to insufficient evidence once released he got on the first flight back to his new home Los Santos. As soon as he landed back on the west coast he learned that his connect Pinoy went down on a Federal Rico charge and was charged with conspiracy to commit murder , murder , racketeering , distribution of class A Narcotics , and many more charges that gave him a life sentence Shaquan was surprised when he came back and one of the big homies sent for him to meet up close to Glen Park where him and his brother shared a Lil apartment in Lil Haiti. Shaquan was offered to be apart of the Sub Division Set that falls under the N.B.A called 103rd Grape St Watts Crips , to not only expand the NBA franchise but aswell as assert some of the most ruthless members of the gang in many locations around Los Santos where they Lacked. Shaquan loved the idea of him possibly being apart of gang history by being asked to be apart of this new Set he accepted the offer without any hesitation especially due to the fact that the person who would be running the sub division set was the man who brought him into the N.B.A. "We gonna get this shit Craccin On Grapez" (( TBC... ))
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